Former P Nation Artist GK Releases “G.Round: Pre-Debut EP Album”

P-Nation’s former versatile all-rounder, GK, announces a new beginning with his first EP album, “G.round: Pre-Debut EP Album.” GK excels not only in rap, vocals, and producing but also specialized in Music Business at NYU Tisch. He also took on the role of A&R at P-Nation and is currently the head of JJ Music Group. 

GK personally participated in producing and A&R for all the tracks on the album, and his partner producer SINGKI contributed to all the tracks except for ‘DONE.’ The album is further enriched by a multitude of veteran and rookie rappers who lent their talents for featuring, including NSW Yoon, Cho Seo Jun, loboneabeat!, viceversa, Daniel Jikal, D.Ark, KIDO, EK, Dbo, San E, and many more. 

GK, also known as Woo Hyun Kim (birth name) and Harrison Kim (English name), was born in Los Angeles, California in 2000 as a dual citizen. He worked on albums with JYP in the United States during his high school years and has since established connections with Universal Music Group’s headquarters and the legendary hip-hop label Def Jam Records. GK shuttled between Korea and the United States to learn more about the global music industry and drawing from these experiences, he is now building his own business at a young age.

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