BUDY Encourages Listeners to “Fly High” and Treasure Precious Moments with New Single

On December 3, South Korean singer BUDY released her long-awaited new single-album Fly High. The song has strong pop, urban, and soul influences – a trademark of the artist in her compositions – and brings a hopeful and comforting message for this end of the year. Following her last releases Stray Cat and A Week, the new track is available on all streaming platforms. 

The aesthetics of the “Fly High” music video is oneiric, colorful with dark shades of the night joined by the song instruments. According to BUDY, the song was created after she looked outside her window one evening and was instilled with an urge to fly into the night, allowing her to clear her thoughts and leave her worries behind. “I like high places very much,” she shared. ”I hope you feel free to fly in the night sky when you listen to this song “Fly High”. And I hope you’ll remember the happy moments in a fantastic mood.

BUDY is credited for participating in the lyrics, arrangement, and production of the song. With her ability to move people with her thoughtful lyrics and ability to reinterpret K-Pop songs with R&B, Soul, Jazz, and Funk covers, the solo singer is slowly but surely garnering more attention around the world.

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