BLOO Shows A Side Unseen with ‘MOON AND BACK’

Korean hip-hop artist BLOO photoshoot for his second full-length album Moon and Back

Korean hip-hop artist BLOO, most popularly known for his catchy hooks, flows, and distinct voice on the EP Downtown Baby, recently released his sophomore album, MOON AND BACK. In his second full-length album, BLOO contributes his unique perspective and personal touch to reveal raw authenticity through his direct productions of lyrics and sound. Weaving a collection of personal experiences of love and loss in the form of melodies and verses, he invites fans to take a look behind his tough persona and sympathize with his stories.

BLOO dove into the inspiration for the album’s title stating it stemmed from the phrase “I love you to the moon and back.” In hopes that this project showcases his natural talent and duality, BLOO presents eight-tracks consisting of love and heartbreak that display a variety of visuals and a dive behind his tough exterior. The title track, “Girl in New York,” utilizes a groovy beat with contrasting melancholy lyrics to express longing for someone out of reach. A visually disorienting music video accompanies the track to emphasize the emotional toll inflicted by love.

Setting up the album’s emotional essence, “but I will wait for you” dives into the complicated decision of fighting to make it work with the one you love or making the call to finally walk away. BLOO acknowledges that he and his love interest fade further and further away from each other prompting constant contemplation and confusion as they become the only thing he thinks of. He recognizes the emotional hold this other person obtains over him when desperately commenting phrases such as “I hate you for not contacting me” and “Why are you so busy?” The gloomy melody and expression of “Is it time to let you go? / But I will wait for you,” elevates the feeling of helplessness and desire to acquire the unattainable. 

Don’t say goodbye” uses a desolate melody to convey his inability to be content in his relationship as he constantly faces anxiety and fear of abandonment. Lyrically he expresses his connection to this person, stating how their mood affects his own. With “You make my day / You make my night / If you’re not here / I’m not alright,” BLOO explains the extent to which his mood can be altered by the mere absence of this person’s presence. He pleads again and again “Don’t say goodbye,” as he knows his world would crumble if left alone.

Following with another dreamy, somber melody, BLOO sings “Understand Me,” begging to be understood. He goes into detail explaining how he often feels the love and sympathy he shares inevitably goes unappreciated and unreciprocated. BLOO’s tone, although floating along with the lyrics, exhibits a slight heaviness that amplifies the feeling of loneliness and desperation to be accepted.

The title track, “Girl in New York,” provides a light techno beat and the yearning to see someone again. Wishing to rekindle a lost connection with a girl in New York, BLOO sings “I’m tired thinking about you / I can’t live without you,” vexed when being unable to reach the one that got away. The rapper recollects moments once shared and indicates his longing to experience those moments again. The complementary music video stresses the emotional toll that unreciprocated longing inflicts. The video highlights BLOO alone at a bar, drowning his sorrows in alcohol. The videography resembles a drunk state, both hazy and blurry, to place fans in the rapper’s point of view. Diverting back and forth between reality and fantasy, he hallucinates his lost love. In a desperate attempt to regain the relationship, BLOO tries to reach the silhouette, but fails. He wanders the streets alone in search for someone to love, but inexorably finds himself back at the bar alone.

Pick up the phone” details the loneliness that overwhelms him when his significant other doesn’t pick up his calls. Unable to believe that his relationship stands secure, his thoughts constantly become flooded with insecurity and worry that his feelings lack reciprocation. Blending an upbeat, uplifting melody creates irony that masks the darker, looming lyrics of “Pick up, I’ll pick you up wherever you are / I’m scared when you lose contact with me” hiding beneath.

Implementing a break from the sorrow, “DADDY” adds dimension to the album with lighthearted, sensual lyrics such as “I’ll be your daddy what you want, baby/ Pack up your stuff we’re going Cali,” discussing the desire to bask his lover in all he can provide.

The lighter, nostalgic melody of “the day we first met” recalls the life-altering first encounter experienced with his love. Lyrically he recalls how the two met and how she immediately mesmerized him. Showing his soft, tender side, the rapper describes the meeting as love at first sight. The track ends on a bittersweet note as he sings in the past tense, “I loved you to the moon and back,” translating to a love that slipped through his fingers.

The album wraps up with a slowed, jazz version of “Girl in New York.” This version provides a more reminiscent point of view, looking back on a past love type of feeling in comparison to the desperate pleas in the original. The change in speed and melody not only represents the rapper’s growth and evolution through the stages of grief, but also signifies his complexity and dual personality.

BLOO claims MOON AND BACK to be one of his most detailed and personal works to date. Describing it as a novel to him, the album aims to unveil to fans an intimate, more stripped down side of the artist. Each of the eight tracks account for notable moments that had an impact on his life. From melancholy melodies to lighthearted tracks about spoiling his lover, BLOO continues to demonstrate his duality and fearlessness to be his true self. 

Make sure to stream MOON AND BACK on all streaming platforms and check out the music video for “Girl in New York” linked below!
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