BLANK2Y Makes Explosive Debut with “Thumbs Up”

Cr. Keystone Entertainment

Keystone Entertainment’s first and only boy group, BLANK2Y, crashed into the scene with the explosive, EDM-heavy mini-album, K2Y I: CONFIDENCE (Thumbs Up). The album offers five tracks to display the group’s fiery essence, including their trap title track “Thumbs Up,” both in Korean and English. The album marks the first of three parts in the K2Y series which aims to unravel various sides within every human.

Consisting of DK, LOUIS, DONGHYUK, U, Mikey, SIWOO, YOUNGBIN, SUNGHUN, and SODAM, the group’s name fuses the words “BLANK” and “KEY” to represent “a key to open a blank space.” The nine member group strives to reignite the fire and passion within their fans’ hearts and be a solace to soothe those living in modern times.

To start off the album, “INTRO ®- INSTRUMENTAL” makes a bold entrance with vibrant, loud synths that quickly transition into the title tracks, “Thumbs Up” and “Thumbs Up – English Version.” The dual tracks continue the high energy with an edgy, EDM sound and a confident message announcing their well awaited arrival. Full of confidence and assertion they share, “To the roof, to the sky, let’s go, one, two/ Hotter and hotter and we become higher/ We’re on fire,” to announce their desire to make a name for themselves within the entertainment industry. Throughout the tracks, each of the members display their shining vocals, allowing fans to get a glimpse into the versatility and individuality of the group. An accompanying music video amplifies their dominant essence by displaying powerful dance numbers and underlying metaphors, such as fighting a holographic person and a butterfly flying away, to stand their ground, disregard the haters, and release any worries.

Cr. Keystone Entertainment

Transitioning from an aggressive, trap melody to that closer of a pop EDM tune, “Touch” shares the story of two people so closely tied that one touch holds the ability to alter everything. The lines, “It doesn’t matter if it’s childish/ Every day I think of you like a fool/ Just like a teenager,” brings the group back to their youth when thinking of the one they love. Young emotions and the willingness to give up on anything for them highlights the intensity and sincerity of their feelings.

The final track “Constellation – Fan Song” slows down the album’s intensity, acting as a letter of love towards their fans. The members’ touch on the concept of escaping a painful, fearful past in hopes to be irradiated by precious moments the future had to offer. Singing, “Want to walk together/ I’ll always be light/ Even if you don’t say anything/ I’ll promise now/ Just be next to me,” BLANK2Y promises fans to be a safe place to run to and rely on. The acoustic ballad highlights their individual vocal skills and unique sounds by allowing each of the members to have a chance in the spotlight. With “Constellation – Fan Song,” BLANK2Y assures fans that they will keep the special moments spent together close to their hearts. 

BLANK2Y’s debut mini-album shows great promise by showcasing the group’s versatility, cohesiveness, and their ability to offer a mix of genres and styles. Priding themselves on confidence, skill, and resilience, we’re looking forward to seeing what this group does next.

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