BamBam Opens Pandora’s Box in “riBBon” Solo Debut

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Global boy group GOT7’s Thai member and rapper BamBam goes above and beyond with his marvelous solo debut track “riBBon” and first mini-album of the same name. The mini-album consists of six tracks that display refreshing sides and styles of the K-Pop idol. The debut release serves as a gift for fans (IGOT7 or Ahgase) and presents a symbol of new life for BamBam as an international solo artist.

BamBam is ready to reveal what he is capable of. After fulfilling his contract with JYP Entertainment in January 2021, BamBam signed a new contract with Abyss Company in March 2021 to pursue his solo music career. Described as a “global icon with explosive potential” on his artist page on Abyss Company’s webpage, BamBam is on a fresh path where he can explore, improve, and grow his skills, talents, and creativity. The possibilities are boundless. 

In the “BamBam [riBBon] ONLINE SHOWCASE,” BamBam shared how his “riBBon” single and music video are full of double entendres that show his various colors. The title “riBBon” means both “ribbon” and “reborn,” as the two words are pronounced the same in Korean – REE-BON (리본). A ribbon is a strip of fabric that ties together a present – BamBam, his music, and his presence are special gifts for his fans. A secondary meaning encourages people to remember and think of the present time as a precious moment to enjoy rather than focus too much on the past and future. Through this release with a new agency, BamBam has a renewed, bright image. Embracing his fun and energetic personality, he wants to provide hope and happiness for his fans. 

The double B capitalization in “riBBon” not only reflects the double B’s in BamBam’s name, but also his identity. Expressing his freedom and ingenuity, BamBam delved into writing lyrics and composing music for most of the tracks to match the album to his creative tastes. In “BamBam TwitterBlueroom Live Q&A,” he discussed that “riBBon” and “Pandora” were the two songs he worked on the most. He recorded multiple times and changed the lyrics to better suit his feelings and styles. He added English lyrics to highlight his charm and express his story more clearly. One notable example of how BamBam blends his positive spirit into his solo debut is the inclusion of one of his signature phrases, “Skrrrt skrrrt.”

“riBBon” is a catchy song with cheerful lyrics that are illustrated in the whimsical and cute music video. According to the album description on Melon, “riBBon” is based on the Greek myth about Pandora’s Box. After all the disasters, misfortunes, and evils have been unleashed into the world, BamBam represents the hope remaining in the box. The detailed music video features multiple stylishly dressed BamBams participating in activities such as opening Pandora’s box, waking up (signifying his rebirth to spread his character of hopefulness), dancing alone and with others, and even playing chess with himself. The vivid and amusing scenes in the extravagant music video enhance the brilliant and delightful concept.

The album’s mix of song styles from hip-hop to R&B paints the fascinating and vibrant colors and layers of BamBam. The weaving of heavy beats and dreamy sounds produce an interesting and exciting album that contains the message of hope and positive vibes. Despite all the troubles, difficulties, and negativity in the world, hope exists and persists. The mini-album riBBon opens with an intro track gifted to BamBam by producer Murda Beatz to celebrate the release followed by the contrasting cool “Pandora” and light-hearted “riBBon.” The next song “Look so fine” empowers people who are self-conscious and unconfident in their appearances. Demonstrating his vocal ability and showing appreciation for past memories in the last two tracks, all-English track “Air” and reflective ballad “Under the sky” wrap up the album nicely. Even though chaos may limit people’s abilities to physically meet with loved ones and do other things they want, BamBam sends sweet comfort to those who long for hope.

BamBam is full of surprises. In the hello82 video, he shocks his fans before his debut and engages in intimate conversations. After getting a sneak peak at the “riBBon” music video, Ahgases were proud to see how far BamBam has come and excited for his wonderful new beginning. Even though some fans did not expect a bright concept for his debut, BamBam fits it well and looks to share more unique sides of himself. 

Reaching remarkable heights and several platforms, BamBam achieved many feats with his solo debut release. The “riBBon” music video gained 10 million YouTube views within 24 hours and the song debuted at #1 on the music streaming platform Genie. Attaining the maximum number of points for streams and downloads, BamBam is the first K-Pop male solo artist to achieve six Genie roof hits in 2021. To further promote his first mini-album, BamBam created a TikTok dance challenge called #riBBonchallenge that has garnered over 52 million views and counting. Topping the Genie chart and skrrt skrrting outside Pandora’s box, BamBam has proven he has strong support from his fans on his brand new journey. Expect the unexpected and look forward to surprises and different efforts of the hardworking and lovable BamBam. Cherish past experiences, dream about the future, and appreciate the present.

Check out the music video for “riBBon” and stream the album below! 

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