ARTMS Ushers in Summertime with New Single “Air”


ARTMS is gearing fans ready for their upcoming album with their latest premier single, “Air.

ARTMS is a project under Jaden Jeong and Joseph Baek’s MODHAUS (모드 하우스) label and entertainment agency and consists of JinSoul, HaSeul, Kim Lip, HeeJin, and Choerry. They debuted their first unit, ODD EYE CIRCLE (ARTMS), in the summer of 2023.


“Air” serves as a prelude to the ARTMS’ upcoming studio album, <Dall> (Devine All Love & Live), scheduled to be released on May 31. Across 11 tracks, the group incorporates various genres rather than sticking to one, allowing listeners to experience the diverse charms of the five members. ARTMS waxes and wanes between different genres like the moon’s phases to create an illuminating, otherworldly listening experience.

Pairing a bouncing, bubbly bass line with airy falsettos, “Air” is a bright, catchy track that expresses the feeling of moving ahead without restraint, rather than adhering to society or norms. The song also includes sampling from ODD EYE CIRCLE’s “Air Force One.”

The song follows the release of ARTMS’ other premier tracks: “Birth,” “Flower Rhythm,” and “Candy Crush.” “Birth” expresses the highs and lows of love and break up, while “Flower Rhythm” (which samples HeeJin’s “Algorithm” and “Kehwa“), is a dynamic 80’s pop-inspired song written about the anticipation of approaching a new crush. “Candy Crush” (which samples HaSeul’s “Plastic Candy“), is an easy-listening pop song that then picks up the narrative and expresses the moment one finds true love.

Meanwhile, ARTMS is scheduled to go on their 2024 ARTMS World Tour <Moonshot> in US from August to September 2024. More information can be found here.

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