Following last year’s incredible success with MO’ COMPLETE: HAVE A DREAM and MO’ COMPLETE, AB6IX returns with a special gift to fans, COMPLETE WITH YOU

Debuting back in 2019 under BRAND NEW MUSIC, Daehwi, Donghyun, Woong, and Woojin continue to gain global recognition through their quality content and authenticity. Known for being a “self producing” group, each of the members partook in both the producing and writing processes for each of the songs on the track list. Touching on the album, Donghyun expressed, “The individuality and charms of each AB6IX member stand out in this feel-good album. It also features a wide range of genres. Hopefully many people will come to love it.” Each song embodies an individual member’s essence by showcasing their personal flare and message for their dedicated fans and supporters.

AB6IX 'Complete with You' cover art

COMPLETE WITH YOU features five tracks including the lead single “1,2,3,” sung by all of the members, as well as four solo tracks that highlight each of their individual styles and skills.

Kicking off the album, “1,2,3,” co-written by Daehwi, offers a feel-good pop track that expresses the overwhelming emotions felt when being face to face with someone you have feelings for. A performance video complements the track to illustrate the transformation from lacking confidence to being assertive and sure of oneself in order to serenade someone they love. The video displays the members carrying out three steps: first being “Planning a Serenade,” then “Getting Ready For the Stage,” and ending with the final “Serenade Stage.” The group’s confidence and external aura begins to grow stronger and more vibrant colors begin to shine through as they complete their steps and prepare for their stage. The video ends with the group breaking out into a confident dance, showcasing special outfit ensembles and belting heartfelt messages to their fans, ABNEW.

Donghyun’s “VENUS” marks the first solo song on the album, implementing an euphonious melody that transitions into a calm EDM beat with a heavy guitar solo. The song demonstrates his duality by showcasing both his singing and rapping abilities. Being both angelic and innocent, Donghyun expresses the hidden darkness and pain that can hide behind beauty. Singing, “This relationship where I know I’m going to lose myself/ I can’t stop it, it’s falling down/ How far should I go to let go of me?/ I’m so miserable in the mirror/ Get out of my sight now,” Donghyun dives into the feeling of losing yourself and barely being able to recognize your reflection when indulging in a toxic relationship. 

AB6IX 'Complete with You' cover art

Lead rapper, Woojin, follows with “CONSOLATION” to discuss the relatable feelings of loneliness and being indecisive of one’s future. His smooth vocals combined with low bass and a jazzy saxophone background flow through the lyrics to create a serious tone. Looking towards an uncertain future, Woojin sings, “I vaguely walk on the street and look back in thought/ I can’t erase the footsteps I left behind umm/ Family, company, friend, fan, and myself,” to demonstrate that although he cannot go back in time to change his past, he understands every moment leading up to the present shaped how he perceives the world and approaches new beginnings.

Taking a more positive and uplifting turn, “CRAZY LOVE” incorporates feel-good pop elements to describe the feeling of intense love and the desire for it to be reciprocated. Woong’s vibrant vocals sing, “I guess the whole world is colored when we make eye contact/ You’re the one who took me out of the grey light /The one that I’ve wishing for/ It’s gotta be love for sure/ Now hold me in your arms,” to amplify the message that love has the ability to change your perception of the world and make everything appear brighter.

Rounding out the album, Daehwi beautifully highlights his ethereal vocals with “IN YOUR EYES.” Personifying the pure and heartfelt experience of seeing bits of yourself in another, this warm ballad uses acoustic instrumentals to amplify raw emotion and display his desire to provide strength to those that need it. Daehwi expresses the pain felt when witnessing a loved one deal with the same burdens. He softly sings, “I can see myself in your eyes/ I cried while looking at you/ I think I know how hard it must have been/ I just wanted to hug you,” in hopes to show fans that they can use him as a shoulder to cry on when things get tough. Having dealt with similar troubles, he wants everyone to know that they do not need to battle their demons alone.

COMPLETE WITH YOU acts as a beautiful message to ABNEW, highlighting each of the members strengths and musical differences. Especially during a time where the future remains unclear, AB6IX wants fans to understand the extent of their love and devotion. Woong commented, “We greatly miss our fans during these challenging times brought on by COVID-19. The album embodies our longing and desire to be able to meet them again. Please show your interest and love. I love you, ABNEW.”

Make sure to stream COMPLETE WITH YOU on all streaming platforms and check out the “1,2,3” performance video linked below!

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