A Road to Self-Discovery, pH-1 Demands ‘BUT FOR NOW LEAVE ME ALONE’

A continuation of his story about his journey to self-discovery, pH-1 returns with his latest LP, BUT FOR NOW LEAVE ME ALONE. Consisting of 13 songs, the LP gives fans a look behind the bright and vibrant persona into the dull, dark road that he took to find inner peace and security. A collection of tracks and music videos stemming from personal experience, BUT FOR NOW LEAVE ME ALONE masterfully depicts pH-1’s original style and sound with a raw, provocative twist.

Since Jay Park discovered him back in 2016, pH-1 has proved himself to be a heavy hitter on the scene. From consistently producing elite lyricism and strong vocals to collaborating with big names such as Jay Park, CHUNG HA, TXT, Whee In, Sik-K, and BIG Naughty to being a founding member of the major record label, H1GHR MUSIC, pH-1 demonstrates the talent and intellect to obtain an infinite potential for growth.

BUT FOR NOW LEAVE ME ALONE begins with the EDM track, “ZOMBIES.” A composition consisting of melody switches and a hint of autotune, pH-1 sets up the album to tell a tale of getting lost in the nightlife. To touch on the darker path recently taken, pH-1 lyrically addresses the desire to be close with anyone and everyone while in an inebriated state. The topic of becoming more engaged in the club scene represents a major theme and lifestyle switch from the one that he once lived. When singing, “Staggering looks like zombies / Walking walking falling on you / Even if I saw you for the first time today, come next to me,” pH-1 illustrates his point of view while in a drunken club. Everyone around him, including himself, walks around dazed from the alcohol, hoping to find someone to help make them less lonely.

The album takes a more upbeat turn with “TGIF” to discuss the difference in his life since becoming successful. Complimented by a heavy bass instrumental and fluid, velvety background vocals, he boasts “Thank God, I’m famous / I ain’t gotta go back to worrying about paper / Thank God, I’m famous / I’ve been bad but she don’t wanna break up.” The lyrics highlight his ability to make seemingly questionable decisions while relying on the cushion of fame. 

Up next, the pre-released track “YUPPIE TING (Feat. Blase)” implements pH-1’s soft, comforting tone intertwined with Blase’s edgy, more aggressive rap. The two voices compliment each other to create a harmonious melody. About the times when he felt himself fall into the desire for luxury, he shares, “Addicted to the pleasure that / The money could bring / Big, whips, big ring.” Knowing that not only he feels drawn to the finer things, he recognizes that those around him may only care about his lifestyle instead of who he is as a person.

TIPSY” switches into a smooth flow to reveal the fault of only reaching out to someone after drinking alcohol. Despite knowing that these actions negatively affect this person, he also knows that they can’t say no to him when singing, “You hate it when I call when I’m tipsy / But you still want me to come quickly.” The outro of the track takes a quick turn to provide an upbeat mix to share the unsettling lyrics, “Break my head / Break my heart / Can I be dead already / Say goodbye.” 


Another pre-released track, “MR. BAD (Feat. Woo)” offers a mix of pH-1’s light vocals infused with Woo’s deep, rich tone. Complimented by a cool melody, the two build off of each other to vibe about going out with friends. The lyrics “Me and my / Bad bad homies / Doin bad bad things / But it feels so good, okay” sum up the feeling of being reckless with those close to you.

A softer, gentler track on the album, “JULIETTE! (Feat. UMI)” implements a chill, groovy beat to show a glimpse of pure intention. A reference to Romeo and Juliette, pH-1 recognizes missteps that led to him losing a significant other. Contrary to the previous tracks that emphasize his hectic nightlife, he comes to his senses and reveals his willingness to give it all up with, “All this money don’t mean nothing / When there’s no one to spend it.”

RUN AWAY” begins with a heavy bass and discusses being approached with authentic intention, but being unable to reciprocate. Caught up in his current lifestyle, he only feels he can offer money and fame when admitting, “Whole lotta stacks I got that / But you ain’t really about that / All you need is real love / Sorry I ain’t got that.” In another speed switch-up during the outro, pH-1 increases his pace to warn this person to run away from him.

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Living a chaotic lifestyle comes with its fair share of gains and losses. In “DEAD GIRL,” pH-1 reveals losing someone he once had due to his lifestyle. He contrasts this person to that of the dead and shares, “You used to spend life next to me / Where did you go? / You took yourself out of my world / I can’t touch you anymore / Where did you go?” emphasizing that an abrupt and unexpected breakup feels comparable to a genuine loss.

SHRINK TOLD ME (Feat. Mokyo)” delivers a raw and authentic look into pH-1’s deep, dark obsessive side. He admits that he becomes consumed when in love. He raps and begs, “Push you right into a corner? / I’m sorta kinda obsessive / but it’s only cause I love you / Please don’t find it disturbing /  that I sprayed all of your perfume” to explain his compulsion to engulf himself in everything regarding this person, even to a fault. 

Transitioning to a smoother, R&B style track, “ISSUES (Feat. Paloalto)” pH-1 admits the inability to deal with other problems and bring anyone into his life due to the number of his own issues. The lyrics, “Get off my mind / ‘Cause I be dealing / With my own issues / I can’t kiss you,” show that although he may desire another, he knows his faults and internal battles will inhibit him from being able to offer anything of substance. 


A bass and auto-tune heavy intro flows into another smooth melody for “BREAK THE GLASS.” pH-1 sings of a loss of power when it comes to someone that continues to lead him on. He cries, “Took all the power from me / With only the shell left  / Don’t even lie / ‘Cause that’s what you do,” and hopes to drink his sorrows away until he “breaks the glass.”

With a heavy emphasis on synths and heavy background vocals, “FINAL BOUT (Feat. Los)” shares the final moments with a soon-to-be ex. pH-1 attempts to put on a brave face to hide his true emotions when sharing, “If you have something to say, hurry up / They’re telling me not to pretend to be strong.”


The final track on the album, “BVE” offers a variety of flowing raps and light harmonies to question a fallout. Knowing that each story obtains multiple sides he exclaims, “We be asking who’s right and who’s wrong / But I don’t know the answer / Guess it depends on the view.” A minute until the track’s end, the melody and lyrics shift to give a shout-out to his parents and share that he hopes he has made them proud. 

BUT FOR NOW LEAVE ME ALONE highlights pH-1’s evolution as both a person and artist. The album gives fans a collection of tracks that unveil an unfamiliar side to his personality never seen before. A combination of various melodies, features, and lyrical contents accurately represents the internal struggles and demons he aims to flesh out. We can’t wait to see where this evolution takes pH-1 next.





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