A.C.E Releases Heart-Fluttering Digital Single “Down” featuring U.S. Duo Grey

After their dynamic collaboration with Steve Aoki and Thutmose for “Fav Boyz,” A.C.E is back with a new heart-fluttering digital single.

“Down” is an all-English pop song that features American EDM duo, Grey, who is best known for the 2018 chart-topping hit “The Middle” alongside Zedd and Maren Morris. “Down” is the duo’s first-ever K-Pop collaboration where they contributed to the song’s lyrics, composition, and overall arrangement. In addition, Grammy-award-winning sound engineer Tom Norris (“Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande’s “Rain On Me”) also participated in A.C.E’s new release.

The music video was filmed and edited into a vertical format, creating the illusion that the entire video is from the perspective of the viewer who is recording A.C.E.’s cute and crazy shenanigans. Some fans even noted that every scene in the music video could potentially be screenshotted and turned into your phone’s next home screen wallpaper. Throughout the video, the members showcase their quirky sides as they sing about falling head-over-heels for someone they had just met. 

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