[RECAP] Infinite’s ‘One Great Step’ Shakes Up Los Angeles!


The Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, CA has had its share of K-Pop acts over the years –  CNBlue, F.T. Island, 2NE1, and TVXQ.  Now the members of idol-group Infinite are ready to leave their mark onstage as they make their first U.S. debut! On November 8, Inspirits from all over Los Angeles and beyond flocked to Nokia Theatre to attend Infinite’s first US stop in its ‘One Great Step’ World Tour.

This being Infinite’s first U.S. concert, thousands of fans arrived at the venue several hours earlier.  Fanclubs such as Golden Inspirits and United Inspirits used the time to pass out glowsticks and support banners saying things such as “We Will Be with Infinite Forever” and “Special Boy Dongwoo Happy Birthday” in Korean.  Other attendees expressed their love for the boys through fanart and even cosplay!


Having only debuted in 2010, Infinite quickly rose to the top and even became the first Korean artists to film in the famed Universal Studios Back Lot in Los Angeles, CA. The boys kicked off the show with “Destiny” and immediately wowed everyone with their synchronization.  The boys continued to showcase their unmatched teamwork and professionalism as they performed songs back to back.  When they weren’t dancing their heart out in “Tic Toc,” “Before the Dawn,” and “The Chaser” they were melting everyone’s hearts with their sweet harmonies in “With,” “Mother,” and “Going to You.


Along with their hit songs, the members also showcased their individual charms through special stages.  Sungjong and Sungyeol pumped up the club with “1/3.”  Afterwards, Infinite’s hip-hop subgroup, Infinite H, took to the stage where Hoya and Dongwoo brought their swagger with “Victorious Way” followed by their hit single, “Special Girl.” Infinite’s main vocalist Woohyun then took to the stage to perform his self-composed song “Beautiful.” Infinite’s visual L took his turn on the stage and performed a sweet acoustic version of “Love U Like You” from his drama, Shut Up Flower Boy Band.  To finish off the special stages, Infinite’s leader and other main vocalist Sunggyu performed an emotional orchestra version of his solo track, “60 Seconds”.

Infinite US Concert 2013

Of course, let’s not forget the never-ending amount of fanservice!  During Sungyeol and Sungjong’s special stages, the duo jumped off stage and walked through the Orchestra aisles and high-fived numerous lucky fans (see fancam below).  During Woohyun’s solo, he also went off the stage but took it up a notch and picked a lucky woman to serenade  and gifted her the ultimate fan package – a bouquet of roses, a ring, and his “hand in marriage”.

Sadly, the show must come to an end. Before the group’s final songs, Infinite expressed in both English and Korean their appreciation and love for everyone who came out to the show and supported them.  Even though the fans were disappointed, Hoya tried to cheer them up by stating (in English),

I am really happy to see your smile. I am really sad to say goodbye but remember I am always on TV and Youtube.” – Infinite’s Hoya

Woohyun had tears streaming down his face which was immediately met by fans chanting “Saranghae.”


Infinite’s 1st performance in U.S. soil exceeded everyone’s expectations and wowed them with their showmanship, professionalism, and humbleness. Infinite’s ‘One Great Step’ will be one fans will never forget.  Check out our exclusive photos from the concert below!


  1. umm you guys got something wrong, i asked golden inspirits at the concert and they weren’t passing out glowsticks :|
    I think it was United Inspirits that had the support banner and were passing out glowsticks…

  2. I went to their concert in london and i was amazed thinking they were in the same building as me! but i was disappointed with a couple of things: they had live instruments playing over the top of the backing track so some songs became rock songs almost. i think the balcony was quite full but the standing was practically half empty as people squished together. The concert hall just had a stage at the front so there wasn’t anyway for the guys to really interact with fans like here. Woohyun did go to the balcony for his solo song :) and Hoya blew me a kiss at the end! i mean, i think i was expecting too much and thought it would be like a korean music show :P the dancing was amazing, their english has improved tons and all singing live (although was hard to hear over music playing) it was my first concert experience and next time a kpop group goes to london, i’ll be there! i did really enjoy it all in all XD INSPIRITS ROCK! INFINITE HWAITING!

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