[Beauty product review] Etude House Princess Etoinette Crystal Powder

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Brand: Etude House

Wanna be sweet? Play Etude

Product name: Etoinette Crystal Powder

All your romantic princess dreams will come true. Girls, be the princess! From Etoinette…

Product type: Loose powder

Volume: 24M

Description: Used during the last stage of face makeup, this is a moist loose powder with luxurious pearls that illuminates the skin with a subtle glow.

Made in: Korea

Directions for use: After applying foundation or BB cream, dispense a certain amount onto the powder puff and apply lightly onto face. Apply with Etoinette Rose brush to make skin look more even and natural.

Editor`s Comments: I instantly fell in love with this product the moment I laid my eyes on it! A charming product with a beautiful concept!  The loose powder is a lovely shade of pink and leaves your skin feel soft and shimmery.  Can`t wait to get my hands on the rest of collection.


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