WOODZ Charms Fans with His Artistic Versatility at First Online Concert

There is no shortage of words to describe WOODZ, a singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer. Born as Cho Seungyoun, he served as the main rapper in K-Pop group UNIQ and also released self-produced hip-hop tracks under the stage name Luizy. Most recently he participated on Produce X 101 where he debuted under X1. Through these experiences, the soloist honed his craft, which allowed him to develop his own unique sound under the stage name, WOODZ. After a successful first-ever online concert ‘NOT JUST A CONCERT – W BOX’, it’s safe to say that WOODZ is also an adept director, manager, and MC.

As the show’s title implies, the virtual event was not just any concert. WOODZ played an active role in the concert’s planning process with the intention of developing his own unique “concert brand.” He played the role of both a performer and MC, filling the two-hour event with witty skits, talk segments, commentary films, and spot-on parodies to ensure both he and fans would be left with unforgettable memories.   

Held on Sunday September 27, the concert kicked off with WOODZ’s performance of “meaningless,” melting fans’ hearts with his sweet voice. WOODZ said, “I was considering how to proceed [with] this concert in a special way and decided to show you [a] much freer aspect like an offline concert. Please look forward to the concert, which I can show you unlimited imagination and potential of me”. He then switched gears and sang “Lift Up” and “Accident,” immersing the audience with the strong rock sound and his powerful stage presence.


WOODZ conducted his own “WOODZ SHOW” talk show where he engaged online viewers. He shared that this year was full of many firsts in terms of his solo activities. “There were many meaningful moments this year,” and asked his fans, MOODZ, to share any “firsts” that occurred in their life as well. The segment also featured a surprise video interview with artist Colde who is featured on WOODZ’s song, “Waikiki.” 


MOODZ were surprised once again when WOODZ debuted a choreographed performance to his song, “POOL.” The LED screens projected WOODZ and his backup dancers at the bottom of a pool as they dances along to the sensuous song. The performance was followed by a dreamy performance of “Different,” captivating the audience with his versatility. 

Following his commentary film, WOODZ recreated his own carpool karaoke video segment and sang “Drive.” For the next song, the soloist made a quick pitstop to pick up his next special guest, his rebellious alter ego whom he confronted in the “Love Me Harder” music video. Sporting an all-black, leather ensemble, the alter ego sang the song alongside WOODZ before returning to the studio and finishing it off in style with the live band and backup dancers alongside him. 

Another special guest of the night was producer duo, Groovyroom. Groovyroom and WOODZ showed their fantastic chemistry and made the audience laugh with their witty words. Then, WOODZ sang his own rendition of Jay Park’s “The Truth Is,” a track produced by the duo themselves. 

As ‘NOT JUST A CONCERT – W BOX’ came to an end, he performed his unreleased track called “Thanks To” that moved fans’ hearts with its emotional lyrics and melody. Before exiting the stage, the solo artist then thanked MOODZ and bid adieu to his live band and backup dancers. WOODZ, fueled by the flood of “encore” comments, wrapped up with an acoustic medley of UNIQ’s top most memorable tracks, paying homage to his early roots that unquestionably shaped his musical career.


WOODZ promised that he would continue to learn, grow, and discover new sides of himself in order to become a greater artist. After this concert, it’s clear that his limitless creativity and imagination paired with his versatility makes him a strong force to be reckoned with. One can only eagerly await for what new experimental music he will release next.


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