VIXX Scheduled for Dallas and Los Angeles Dates for “VIXX FIRST Global Showcase 2013 ’The Milky Way”

VIXX are confirmed to be heading to two locations in the US – Dallas TX and Los Angeles, CA. The two dates are part of their global showcase, “VIXX FIRST Global Showcase 2013 ‘The Milky Way'”.

However this is not the first time that VIXX has visited the US, previously performing at KCON Dallas 2012.

The Dallas performance will be on November 8 at the Verizon Grand Prairie Theatre. In LA, VIXX will be performing at Club Nokie on November 10.

Jazzy Group US will be holding giveaways in the run up to the concert so be sure to check out their Facebook

VIXX Seating Chart

Seating chart for VIXX's Los Angeles show on Nov. 10th
Seating chart for VIXX’s Los Angeles show on Nov. 10th

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