UK K-Pop Concert In June

[ad#GA-468-Tx-Runa] Earlier today, MBC announced that a K-Pop festival will be held on the 2nd and 3rd of June of this year in London to celebrate and promote K-Pop and Korean culture before the start of the London 2012 Olympics. The venue and potential artists haven’t been confirmed but keep with us for more updates.

서울=뉴시스】김지은 기자 = MBC가 6월 영국 런던에서 ‘K팝 페스티벌’을 연다.

MBC는 3일 2012년도 사업계획을 발표하고 2012 런던올림픽(7월27일~8월12일)을 앞두고 런던 중심부에서 한국문화를 소개하는 K팝 페스티벌 개최한다고 밝혔다.

MBC는 “아직 구체적으로 형식이 정해지지는 않았지만 한국의 인기가수들이 대거 출연해 콘서트를 펼치는 그간의 K팝 페스티벌과 큰 차이는 없을 것이다. 6월 2, 3일 열리며 장소는 아직 정해지지 않았다”고 전했다.

가수 이미자(71)가 문화 소외지역인 폐광촌, 산간벽지 등에서 개최하는 음악회인 ‘저 낮은 곳을 향해’도 방송한다. 9월 추석 무렵에는 독일 광부와 간호사들을 위한 현지 공연을 추진한다.

한편, MBC는 올해 연중기획을 국민소통 프로젝트 ‘通(통) MBC, 통! 통! 대한민국’으로 정했다. 6·25동란과 베트남전 전사자 국군 유해 발굴 프로젝트, 자살예방과 정신건강 프로젝트, 다문화 프로젝트, 한반도 평화기원 페스티벌 등을 마련했다.



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    1. MBC has issues with YG Ent. I doubt BigBang will be coming :(
      But yay! London is slowly being recognised. SuJu! SHINee! 2pm! Infinite! Please come!

  1. Seoul = News = MBC WIRE gimjieun of June in London, England ‘K-Pop Festival opens.

    2012, a three-day MBC announced a business plan, and London 2012 (July 27-August 12) in central London ahead of the K-pop Korea to introduce cultural festival announced.

    MBC a “specific type yet been set, but South Korea’s popular artists of the concert, they appeared massive unfolding of the K-Pop Festival geugan will not be much of a difference. June 02, three days held the place has not yet been set, “he said.

    Yimija singer (71), the cultural alienation pyegwangchon area, to be held at backwater eumakhoein ‘out into low-low’ is also broadcast. At the time of Thanksgiving in September for the German miners and nurses will promote local performances.

    Meanwhile, MBC planning this year’s Annual National Communication Project ‘通 (Tong) MBC, Tong! Tong! Republic of Korea “decided to. 6.25 and the Vietnam War Casualties Army disturbance remains recovery project, a suicide prevention and mental health projects, multi-cultural projects, and laid the Peace Festival in origin.
    English translation.

  2. OMG….. I really hope this will happen the 2nd and 3rd of June :D I SO WANT TO SEE OUR BELOVED KPOP ARTISTS IN LONDON!!!! 2PM and 2NE1 please come ^^ xD

  3. Is this still happening? Because I had heard some K-pop festival in London got canceled (KBS Music Bank World Tour I think)? Is this the KBS Music Bank World Tour, or another show? :D
    Kind regards,
    Simon V.

  4. Nooooooooo!! =(
    WHY? WHY CAN’T IT BE DURING THE HOLIDAYS?! My mum was actually going to let me come FROM SCOTLAND but I can’t on the day I have an EXAM! Couldn’t you PLEASE add more dates?! I’m already gutteed I could NOT see SHINee last year!!

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