Pentagon Successfully Wraps Up “PENTAG-ON AIR” Online Fan Meeting

On September 6, Pentagon held their online fan meeting ‘PENTAGON Official Fanclub UNIVERSE 3rd Online Fan Meeting “PENTAG-ON AIR.” 

With the title being a compound of “Pentagon” and “on air,” the two-hour fan meeting showed not only the “on air” moments of Pentagon, but also their “off air” off-screen natural images.

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In our exclusive interview with Pentagon, the members shared how eager they are to host the global fan event. “Because it has been a while since we’ve performed for you guys, we’ve been thinking a lot about how to make it a memorable experience for the Universe who have been waiting for us all this time,” Kino said. “I hope that Universe who are attending our fan meeting for the first time will be able to see how Pentagon likes to have fun, and how we relate and interact with our fans through our music and performance.

I thought long and hard about how we could make our Universe happy and make sure everyone has a good time,” Wooseok continued. “I think Universe who are attending our fan meeting for the first time will be able to see the charm of Pentagon’s music and performances. I’m so, so excited and nervous.

Sporting black suits, Pentagon kicked off their fan meeting with “Basquiat,” the powerful finale song from MNET’s ‘Road to Kingdom,’ and “Dr. Bebe,” the title track off of their first full-length album, ‘Universe: The History.’ The members eagerly greeted UNIVERSE from all over the world in multiple languages saying, “It’s the first online fan meeting that we’ve been looking forward to. We’ve been practicing very hard for today, and we really missed you.

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Pentagon continued their opening performance with “Runaway,” “Happiness(Korean Ver.),” and “Summer” to show off their “Cheongryang Tagon” (a compound of “refreshing” in Korean and Pentagon) charms.

As the fan meeting progressed, Pentagon held several interactive game and event sections to show their bright, energetic images. In the ‘Mini Sports Day’ section where Yeo One was the MC, the group was divided into “Big-Tagon” Team and “Small-Tagon” Team, entertaining Universe with their playfulness and cute banter. Universe were able to join in on the festivities and submitted and/or created their favorite internet memes for Pentagon to replicate. In “Pentagon: Meme Studio,” the members recreated their own “Made in Pentagon” versions, bestowing Universe with new memes to use on social media.

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The online fan meeting featured exclusive performances such as the acoustic version of “Just do it yo!!,” the English rendition of “Spring Snow,” and a special performance of “Camellia” to express their heartfelt appreciation for their beloved Universe.

Although they could not participate with the rest of the group, members Jinho and Yanan were both watching the fan meeting along with Universe. In particular, Jinho, who is currently serving in the military, was actively commenting in the real-time live chat throughout the event. Prior to Pentagon’s performance, a surprise video message from Jinho to Universe was shared, leaving a deep impression on all the viewers.

Pentagon moved onto their final encore stage and performed “Pretty Pretty” and “Shine+Spring Snow.” Throughout the encore stage, Universe sent touching messages via the live chat with words of encouragement such as “Pentagon is our eternal Universe, we love you” and “At this moment when the whole Universe is happy, Pentagon, we love you and you’re precious, as always.

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Pentagon said with their heart “We were very worried since it was the first online fan meeting, but it was such a pleasant time. It was really touched when we heard Universe’s voices from encore VCR. We really hope things get better as soon as possible and to meet Universe in person.

Pentagon also said “Thank you so much for giving us your precious time, and we hope today will be remembered as a beautiful memory for Universe as well. We will be back very soon, so please look forward to it. We ardently love Universe so much.”

As the fan meeting ended and the credits started rolling in, Universe noticed a blank space was left in between the members’ names. They speculated that the space is for Yanan, who has been absent from group activities due to schedules in China. Until further information is released, Universe are hopeful and anticipating Yanan’s return.

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