Onew and Minho Get Caked in Singapore!

Credit: Cakes from MrMinho and Forever_SHINee

SHINee wrapped up their “SHINee World Tour 2” in Singapore on December 8th, the day before Minho’s 21st birthday! Being the last concert of the year, the other members and staff decided to celebrate not only Minho’s, but also Onew’s birthday! The latter will be turning 23 on December 14.

Towards the end of the concert, three cakes were brought out – two fruit cakes (courtesy of Minho’s fansite, MrMinho) and a customized SHINee cake (courtesy of SHINee’s fansite, Forever_SHINee.) Afterwards the fans sang “Happy Birthday” in Korean to the two, to which Onew responded, “Super duper mega thank you!” in English. Then the dancers and staff joined SHINee on stage to pose for a group photo. However on the count of three, Jonghyun flung the cakes at the birthday boys, leading to a messy cake fight on stage. Once the fight was over, the boys regrouped and said their final goodbyes to the Shawols, promising to be back soon.

Check out the fancam and fanpics of the incident below plus Minho’s Birthday Greeting video! (Credit as tagged.)

Customized cake from Forever_SHINee.
Onew being caked by Jonghyun and staff.
Jonghyun smashing cake into Minho’s face.

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  1. Awww i’m glad Minho oppa had a great celebration for his birthday!! And Onew too!! Happy birthday! I’ll forever be a SHAWOL even if im in the US!:)

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