Katy’s Top 5 Moments of BIGBANG


BIGBANG finished their Alive Galaxy World Tour last week in London. I’m sure many VIPs went to see them perform last Friday or Saturday or both days. If so, you will remember all of these moments. If not, these were the highlights of the show.


1. TOP’s Bingu Dance

T.O.P has so much charisma on stage. But, there are times, when he does funny “Bingu” dances. On the first night of the show, he found a wobbly bit of the stage and danced on there. On the second night of the show, at the very end, he did a chicken dance. There are several clips on Youtube.

 2. Seungri’s British Accent

Seungri spoke a lot of English, on both nights of the concert. He somehow learnt the British accent and he attempted to do it several times. He said things like “o’rite” and “good job”. By Saturday night, Taeyang got sick of it and asked Seungri to stop.

3. “I want to live here!”

Seungri said that he loved London so much that he wanted to stay here. The fans screamed and squealed. Taeyang agreed and asked the fans to take care of him and to feed him.

4. Daesung’s Solo, Wings

Daesung sang a solo, Wings. It may not have been better than when he sang other songs but it was the song that made him shine. It was so good to see him smile, especially after everything that had happened last year.


5. Knock Out

Everyone expected GD and T.O.P to do High High but not Knock Out! It really knocked people out. They rode the MCM segways and looked so sexy on them.





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