K-Indie Band byebyesea to Embark on US Summer Tour

Korean indie band byebyesea will be embarking on a fun-filled U.S. summer tour!

Consisting of bandmates Namu (Guitar, Vocal), Sunje (Guitar), and Myungje (Bass), the band established its foundation in Hongdae’s indie rock scene before signing with Fluxus Music. They officially debuted in 2009 where they found breakout success with their iconic track, “Star Shower (별빛이 내린다)” which has become a staple in Korean TV programs. Since then, byebyesea has released an extensive discography and has even been featured on Korean dramas such as Playful Kiss and I Am Legend.

In 2021, the band released their city-pop comfort song, “1g,” followed by the exhilarating summer rock jam, “She Knows The Future.” Most recently, Namu served as the Music Director for the award-winning short-film, Song of the Same Night.

byebyesea’s U.S. tour activities will be vividly captured in an upcoming road trip documentary titled I cross the sea with you with BlockPond Productions and Suddenly Pictures. Capturing the beautiful scenery and memories of the band’s cross-country excursion, the film will be a post-pandemic breath of fresh air as the world will experience this exciting new adventure right along with the band!

Tour Schedule

The byebyesea 2022 Live in USA tour will kick things off in Groveland in Northern California followed by stops in Los Angeles, Nashville, Atlanta, and New York. While the Nashville stop will be an exclusive event, fans and music lovers of all ages are invited to attend the four other stops:

  • Saturday, July 9 – Groveland, CA (Iron Door Saloon – free entrance)
  • Wednesday, July 20 – Nashville, TN (exclusive)
  • Saturday, July 23 – Atlanta, GA (Vinyl)
2022 Byebyesea Tour

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