INFINITE Confirms Cities for 1st World Tour



Inspirits get ready for an eventful 2013!

On June 10th, Idol group Infinite held a live chat session with Inspirits all over the world to announce the long-awaited locations for their upcoming 1st world tour, One Great Step.

The following tour stops have been confirmed in a short concert teaser shown at the beginning of the chat session (see fan-recorded video below):

  • August 9-10 | Seoul, Korea (Olympic Park Gymanstics Gymnasium
  • August 18 | Hong Kong (Asia World Expo Arena)
  • September 5 | Fukuoka, Japan (Fukuoka Convention Center)
  • September 10 | Hiroshima, Japan (Sun Plaza Hall)
  • September 13-14 | Kobe, Japan (Kobe World)
  • September 19-20 | Yokohama, Japan (Kokohama Arena)
  • September 24 | Bangkok, Thailand (Thunderdome)
  • October | Singapore
  • October | Taipei, Taiwan
  • October | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • October | Shanghai, China
  • November | Beijing, China
  • November | Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • November | New York, NY, USA
  • November | Lima, Peru
  • November | London, UK
  • November | Paris, France

More cities will be announced as the tour progresses!  Stay tuned for more announcements!

The group have recently celebrated their three year anniversary and has already reached global status by winning numerous awards in Korea and Japan.  As of recently, Infinite has made headlines as being the first Korean artists to be invited to film at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles, CA for their comeback.

Infinite’s One Great Step Concert Teaser:

  1. it would be amazing if they came to Chicago! They should visit the top 3 cities in USA;
    New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago! :D

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