Hwang In Youp to Greet Fans with Hi-high Ontact Fan Meeting in July

After the success of his last drama, True Beauty, actor Hwang In Youp is coming to greet all of his fans with his first online fanmeeting in July.

The HWANG IN YOUP Ontact Fan Meeting “Magazine H : Hi-high Vol.1” will take place on Saturday, July 3 at 4PM (KST) on MyMusicTaste.com for global viewers.

After making his debut on the small screen with the drama W.H.Y., he has gained recognition for his acting in popular dramas like 18 Again and True Beauty. As an actor with limitless potential, Hwang In Youp has already gathered over 9 million followers on Instagram.

In a short span of time, Hwang In Youp has impressed audiences not only with his acting skills, but also with his handsome looks that stole the show at runways. As an actor that entered the entertainment industry after completing the Korean mandatory military service, he’s one step ahead of others in his straight path toward superstardom.

With every post on Instagram receiving at least two to three million likes, Hwang In Youp stands alongside major stars after only a little over three years after his debut. Rapidly garnering attention from the general public and international audiences, he’s ready to meet his fans who have supported him throughout his career and enjoy the various works he’s acted in.

Promoted by APPLEWOOD and KT and presented by KEYEAST, The livestream will be available on Seezn (app), Olleh tv, MyMusicTaste and friDay only.

On the day of the performance, viewers residing in South Korea will be able to watch the fan meeting through Seezn (app) and Olleh tv, viewers residing in Taiwan will be able to watch the show on friDay, and viewers residing outside of South Korea and Taiwan can watch the performance on MyMusicTaste.

Ticket Information

Cr. MyMusicTaste

Tickets for 2021 HWANG IN YOUP Ontact Fan Meeting “Magazine H : Hi-high Vol.1” are available on MyMusicTaste. Early bird ticket sales are available now with additional perks to enhance the fan experience. Check out MyMusicTaste for more information.

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