[EVENT] byebyesea and Jannabi to Perform at New York’s Lincoln Center

byebyesea & Jannabi

The undeniable chart-topping popularity of K-Pop has raised Korea to the heights of global
creative influence, but that’s not all Korea has to offer! The country’s thriving independent rock
scene offers a nuanced counterpart to K-pop’s glossier production. K-Indie’s diverse expression of sound – from guitar-driven, underground post-rock to mellow, lo-fi electronics – marks it as the likely next big thing in Korea’s role as a cultural exporter.

byebyesea will be the first Korean indie band to perform at Lincoln Center in New York for
Lincoln Center’s Summer for the City” on Wednesday, July 27. In collaboration with Lincoln Center for the performing Arts and Korean Cultural Center New York, this show spotlights two of the genre’s best bands: Korean’s leading modern rock band, byebyesea with the new wave-inspired, three-piece modern rock songs and Jannabi, who specialize in lyrically wistful, vintage-pop artistry.

In addition to performing at Lincoln Center, byebyesea is also preparing to film a road trip documentary titled ‘I cross the sea with you‘ with BlockPond Productions and Suddenly Pictures. The film will vividly capture the band’s first U.S. tour, traveling across the country with beautiful scenery and music. This film will be a post-pandemic breath of fresh air as the world will experience this exciting new adventure right along with the band!

K-Indie Music Night: Jannabi and byebyesea

Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
Korean Cultural Center New York
Wednesday, July 27 at 7:30PM (EST)

There are two ways to access this event: 

  1. General Admission, first-come first-serve. Just show up! 
  2. Limited Advance Reservation will also be available for this event, opening the Monday before
    the event
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