Lee MinHo’s upcoming Historical Drama

After setting girls hearts on fire in Boys over Flower, Personal Taste and City Hunter, actor Lee MinHo is taking on the challenge of starring in his first historical drama. His agency, Starhaus Entertainment, said, “Lee will appear on SBS’s Faith (working title), which will air in August”


Lee MinHo expressed that he believes in the writer Song Ji Na and director Kim Jong Hak and said, “I was sucked into the script as soon as I started reading it. I like historical dramas and I have always wanted to perform in one. It was great timing, like I found a perfect armor for me. I also wanted to work with people that I respect.”

The series is about a warrior from Goryeo Dynasty and a female doctor in modern times. They will help the King become a true King who heals his people in the first year of King Gongmin’s reign. Lee will play the role of a captain of the King’s guard named Choi Young, who will become a general in the future.

We are sure looking forward to this drama!!

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  1. There’s been so many historical dramas lately :O… not that I hate them or anything lol (I love them) but still.. :P #random xD Anywho I can’t wait :)

  2. Im a little bit choosy when it comes to historical drama, but i cant wait to watch this upcoming historical drama faith. I believe it,s going to be a blockbuster drama again for lee min ho.

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