Actress Eugene pulls out of new drama

Kpop Eugene

New drama was scheduled to star actress Eugene, but she has recently had to pull out. This has been confirmed recently in reports that she has stopped filming in order to tend to her younger sister, Kim Yookyung, who was involved in a car accident.

Her younger sister, Yookyung, had been standing behind her parked car. Due to the road conditions the parked car began to slide down the hill where she became trapped under the car.

Emergency services were called soon after she became trapped. It is reported that her injuries include full-body bruising and spinal fractures on three of her vertebrae. At the moment Yookyung is in a hospital in Guam, but she will soon to be transferred to another hospital when her condition stabilises.

Producers met with Eugene beforehand, both parties agreed that her leaving the filming would be best for her situation. Eugene has since apologised to both production staff and fans for her unexpected leave.

Fans have been very supportive toward Eugene and offered their well-wishes. The drama production staff has stated, “We are extremely disappointed to lose Eugene as our lead, but we wish her sister a fast recovery. We are currently in the search for an actress who can play the role of confident career-woman Byun Sora, and will select someone who can meet fans’ high expectations.”

Source: Dramabeans and Star News


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