The Last Episode of “The Moon that embraces The Sun” can be Cancelled?


The periodic drama, “The Moon that embraces the Sun” has been very popular and achieving highest rating among other currently airing dramas. This drama is meant to air its highly anticipated two final episodes on this Wednesday and Thursday. Currently, MBC employees are in the midst of strike against the company and the director of this drama (Kim Dohun) and the head cinematographer ( Kyunghoon) have recently joined the strike.

The union labour strike has been going on for more than five weeks, since January 30. The strike is against MBC’s unfair administration and is primarily aimed at forcing the resignation of MBC president Kim Jae-chul. The strike has already affected sitcom drama like “High Kick” and variety shows such as “Infinity Challenge” and “We got Married“, which caused those shows to cancel airing for some weeks and airing special episodes for others.

Although there have been several strikes MBC’s history, no dramas has ended abruptly because of a strike. A representative of MBC union announced that most of other directors and drama staffs will join the strike pretty soon. He said, “We don’t know if the company will provide the team with additional men power, but I am afraid that most dramas will have to be cancelled.”

MBC Drama Division, on the other hand, is reluctant to make an official statement, only saying “nothing has been decided so far.”

The main problem they face with a delay is that stars, Kim Soo-hyun and Jung Il-woo aren’t available for more days due to their tight schedules with other activities. Just about an hour ago, it has been confirmed that they had to go home since the shooting has temporarily stopped!

As a massive fan of this drama, I sincerely hope that MBC’s bosses will be able to compromise with the MBC labour union so that my favourite periodic drama will not end up so badly.

For now, we can only make hopeful wishes and wait! Stay tune for more update on this news!


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