[RECAP] Yerin Baek Warms Up D.C. on a Chilly December Day

Cr. Sarah P.

On December 19, popular South Korean singer-songwriter Yerin Baek stopped by the Washington D.C. area to perform at The Fillmore Silver Spring for her headlining 2022 Yerin Baek North American Tour. Formally part of the K-Pop duo 15&, she debuted as a solo artist in 2015 and quickly made a mark in the global music scene through her carefully crafted songs and heartfelt lyrics. Eager fans braved long lines in the chilly winter weather to support her first international tour and enjoy her funky jazz-infused R&B tunes.

Despite a large venue, the show felt very intimate. Yerin’s talents shined against a modest stage setup. Her microphone stand sparkled with a delicately beaded chain that adorned it, and she was joined by two of her bandmates from The VolunteersCloud on keyboard and bass, and Jonny on guitar. Charmed by her endearing personality and uniquely soulful voice, fans were captivated by the well-rounded performance she delivered. The set list included popular tracks from across her discography, including many songs from her 2019 and 2020 studio albums, Every letter I sent you. and tellusboutyourself.

Cr. Sarah P.

Stage lighting remained soft through much of the performance with gentle tones of blue and purple matching the ambiance for many of her songs. Orange and yellow hues emphasized the lighter ballads such as “Loner” and “0310,” and throughout the show, they occasionally turned red to compliment more upbeat titles like “Hate you” and “Bubbles&Mushrooms.”

She noted a few times throughout the night that she was a bit shy and not the best at small talk. Despite the confession, she was encouraged by the passionate crowd to deliver a few remarks between songs in both Korean and English and spoke very briefly about her musical journey as a solo artist, her band, and her future aspirations.

Remarkably, the presence of phones was minimal throughout the night as people simply lost themselves in her sentimental music. Across the venue, fans continued to sway and sing along to mellow tunes like “Bye Bye My Blue” and couples tenderly embraced as to the sweet and poetic lyrics of songs such as “Lovelovelove.”

Throughout the night Yerin expressed her gratitude for the support of everyone who enjoys her music and bought tickets to her shows, “Thank you for being here! I want to come back to D.C. again – I can’t wait to come back with my band! Thank you for tonight,” she said many times.

Cr. Sarah P.

Towards the end of a remixed version of “Hall&Oats,” Yerin looked to her bandmate Cloud and stated, “Give us something amazing!” Cloud spent a few minutes delivering a groovy keyboard solo as the stage lights turned red. The crowd cheered and bounced as his beats intensified through the final verses of the song.

Midway through the set, Yerin asked the audience to take a picture. Fans used the opportunity to hand her cards, gifts, and flower bouquets as she walked across the stage waving and greeting everyone. Moving into place for the photo, Yerin put a bunny ear headband on her head – a gift from a fan – before posing. She then placed the bunny ears on guitarist Jonny, who seemed bashful by her antics, eliciting some delighted laughs from the crowd.

Cr. Sarah P.

“Sorry if you didn’t hear the song you wanted tonight. I can do it acapella though!” She proceeded to sit on the edge of the stage and take suggestions from fans. Smiling, she asked, “So before I sing this song, I wanna ask you guys… ‘Can I B U?’” The crowd enjoyed her warm interactions and was thrilled to hear the soft acoustic song live. They continued to cheer while she sang a few verses of tracks requested by each half of the venue. 

The latter half of the show was filled with more upbeat tracks such as her latest modern rock single, “Pisces,” and her 2015 debut single, “Across the Universe.” During a catchy remixed version of “0415,” Yerin hyped up the crowd and invited everyone to jump along as she danced around the stage. At the conclusion, she bowed, waved, and slowly departed the stage. 

South Korean singer-songwriter Yerin Baek stopped in the Washington D.C. area during her headlining 2022 Yerin Baek North American Tour to perform at The Fillmore Silver Spring
Cr. Sarah P.

Not quite ready for the performance to end, fans began chanting “Baek Yerin!” hoping to lure her out for an encore. After a few minutes, she returned with a laugh and stated, “Last song for real! Have a good night, guys!” before closing out with the Closing with fan-favorite “Square.” Yerin instructed everyone to sing along while twirling lights and a disco ball sent sparkles whirling around the room and added a dreamy touch to the end of a magical night. 

Before exiting, she once again promised to return to D.C. – hopefully with her band The Volunteers – while waving and blowing kisses. Her adoring fans reciprocated with hearts, applause, and a chorus of “thank you”s until the music and lights faded out. The crowd happily departed the venue warmed from an evening of great music and excited at the prospect of a future tour.


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