[RECAP] For the First Time, OMEGA X Greets For X at “OMEGA X 1st Fan Meeting [PRESENT]”

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For the first time as a group, OMEGA X took the stage to meet their fans face to face at OMEGA X 1st Fan Meeting [PRESENT]. The event took place offline in Paju, South Korea at M Five and online presented by hello82.tv, allowing the fandom, For X, to witness not only the group’s real-time dynamic with each other but with For X on a more personal level. Debuting only earlier this year during the time of the pandemic, SPIRE Entertainment’s 11-member group made up of Jaehan, Hwichan, Sebin, Hangyeom, Taedong, Xen, Jehyun, Kevin, Junghoon, Hyuk, and Yechan have already accumulated an impressive following, making this first interaction more significant.

The fan meet began with an explosive performance of OMEGA X’s debut song “Vamos” from their first mini album. Dressed in white poet shirts while surrounded by red LED lights, the group created a remarkable introduction that embodied their dominant and fierce stage essence, setting the tone for the rest of the event. In addition, they shared a special video depicting the group’s six-month journey beginning from their “Vamos” debut preparation to their second single album WHAT’S GOIN’ ON. The retrospective video featured clips of concept dance contents, stages, and behind-the-scenes footage.

Following the opening performance, OMEGA X retook the stage in green self-stated “boyfriend-style” clothing to officially greet and introduce themselves to their fans for the first time face to face. From there the group sat down on stage to engage in a more playful segment of the event beginning with a Q&A where they answered a variety of questions such as “Lottery Winning Number,” “Recommended Dinner Menu,” and “Today’s Most Anticipated Stage.”

Playing off of the popular Korean drama Squid Game, the group announced they would be playing a series of games against each other titled “The OMEGA X Games.” The group split into two teams depending on their blood type, one side being A/O and the other being B/AB. Teadong, Jehyun, Kevin, Hangyeom, and Junghoon made up Team A/O while Hwichan, Jaehan, Yechan, Hyuk, and Xen made up Team B/AB. Sebin being the odd one out decided to playfully take on the role as the night’s MC. They played a variety of games from “Ddakji” (attempting to flip opponents folded paper tiles with their own), to “Secret Box” (blindly putting a hen into a box and guessing the mystery object inside), to “Tug-O-War,” and ending with “Tuho” (shooting an arrow into a basket). The events allowed fans to witness a more authentic, personal side of the members by unveiling the group’s individual high-spirited and competitive personalities. Although both teams fought hard throughout the duration of the activities, team A/O won in a landslide, not allowing the other team to win a single event. The loser’s punishment consisted of making an “ugly face” during their group photo, causing fans to create an endearing uproar in the comments. 

“We’ll work harder to become artists that you’re proud of and I hope we can stick together and walk on flowery paths.”

– OMEGA X’s Jehyun

Transitioning to the next segment, a black and white video showed touching, behind-the-scenes footage of the group having fun while recording in the studio. The intimate video transitioned to the next section of the show, which consisted of a collection of additional vibrant performances. Dressed in black and green, OMEGA X turned up the excitement with the performance of “WHAT’S GOIN’ ON” and “BAILA CON OX,” leaving fans in the venue and behind the screens stunned by the power and intensity that seeped from the group.

Cr. OMEGA X’s Twitter

The group took a moment to thank fans, Jehyun commenting “We’ll work harder to become artists that you’re proud of and I hope we can stick together and walk on flowery paths. Thank you, thank you” and Hyuk mentioning, “I remember doing our first performance during Vamos and I never thought of doing this fanmeet, so I’m really grateful.” Changing into laid-back attire consisting of white hoodies and baggy jeans they presented their highly anticipated, unreleased track “12.24.” The song incorporated a gentle melody and delicate vocals complimented by a background of a city’s silhouette and falling snowflakes. The song highlighted the group’s vocal ability and chemistry by allowing each of the members to bounce off of each other’s harmonies while also shining individually. Continuing on with the intimate, sweet atmosphere, OMEGA X ended the night of performances with their beloved track “Younger.”

As the event came to a close, OMEGA X stood before fans to take part in their final goodbyes, sharing their gratitude and hopes to meet again soon. Allowing for an elongated departure, OMEGA X provided fans with an outro video that consisted of behind-the-scenes footage, giving fans an inside look into the preparation of the fan meet.

Full of charisma and talent, OMEGA X displays a great sense of unity on stage and with fans, despite their debut taking place only six months ago. They demonstrated the impressive ability to involve and reach out to For X, online and offline, in a way that made everyone feel like one. Recognizing that success stems from the fans, OMEGA X proves that they have a bright future ahead of them. 

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  1. Thank you for such a great recap of an event that meant so much to Omega X and their fans!! Please continue supporting them in the future 🥺💞

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