[INTERVIEW] STAYC Reflects on Their ‘Teenfresh’ US Tour Experience

Since 2020, STAYC and their “teen fresh” concept have charmed audiences worldwide. Debuting under Black Eyed Pilseung’s label, High Up Entertainment, STAYC swiftly garnered a global following with back-to-back addictive releases. Their debut track, “So Bad,” captivated listeners with its infectious beat and confidence-boosting lyrics. Since then, members Sumin, Sieun, Isa, Seeun, Yoon, and J have continued to make waves, reaching mainstream success with their hit songs like “ASAP,” which went viral for its catchy chorus and “cat kneading” dance. Later that same year, their song “Stereotype,” which contains one of the most beloved bridges in the industry, secured their first win on music shows. Their latest release, “Bubble,” embraced their distinct serotonin-boosting sound blended with nostalgic bubblegum pop synths. With their no-skip discography, powerhouse vocals, and captivating live performances, STAYC is a force to be reckoned with. 

Last month, STAYC successfully completed their highly anticipated STAYC 1st World Tour [Teenfresh] concerts in the United States. The tour’s namesake is derived from STAYC’s 3rd EP, Teenfresh, a six-track album that highlighted the importance of a healthy mindset, self-confidence, and living life to the fullest. The sextet brought the album’s messaging to life while on tour. Whether charming fans on stage with their vibrant personalities, rich vocals, and precision-sharp choreography or exploring the local scenes suggested by SWITHs, they immersed themselves in everything each city had to offer. As they concluded the US leg of their world tour at The Novo in Los Angeles, STAYC showcased not only their dynamic performances but also their ability to connect with fans on a personal level. 

Between their busy schedules, STAYC found time during the tour to speak with Kpopconcerts.com and share their reflections and highlights of their US tour in an exclusive interview.

Cr. Aaron V.

KPC: Congrats on your TEENFRESH world tour! How did you all feel when you heard that you were going on your first solo world tour and how are you feeling now that it’s finally happening?

Sumin: When I heard that we were going on our first world tour, I was very excited to meet our international fans, and I’m so happy right now! 

Sieun: I was so happy and excited to finally have our first world tour and meet our US SWITH. I feel so grateful to SWITH for putting so much energy into us, and I feel like I have to give back to them with better music in the future. Every time the concert ends, I feel like I’m learning and growing~

Isa: I was so excited, and I was looking forward to it in so many ways. I think it’s even more fun now that I’m doing it, and I’m performing with such energy and happiness! 

Seeun: It was so exciting that we were going on a world tour, and I was so excited to meet our international fans! Before we started the tour, I was going to come with a lot of energy, but I feel like I received so much energy from our fans, so I’m so happy and excited!!!

Yoon: I was so happy to go on a world tour that I always dreamed about! I think the best part was being able to meet fans from different parts of the world, I think I got a lot of good energy from a lot of fans on the tour, so I’m really happy. 

J: First of all, I had so many great memories of touring in the US last year, so I was so excited to hear the news! I remember the US SWITH were so energetic, so I’m really looking forward to the tour! 

KPC: You visited some US cities during KCON 2022 LA and KCON US Tour last year. What are you looking forward to seeing or experiencing again in these cities while on your TEENFRESH tour?

Sumin: The members have been dying to go to an amusement park in LA, so I’d love to go with them! 

Sieun: In New York, I wanted to visit the Brooklyn Bridge and Soho Street again, and I was so happy that I was able to do it this time. I really want to visit Beverly Hills in LA again because I was really happy when I visited. 

Cr. Aaron V.

KPC: You’ve asked SWITH for local recommendations via your Instagram Stories. Can you share your favorite recommendations and memorable experiences from those suggestions?

Isa: The weather was so nice in San Antonio, so it was so relaxing to go to the River Walk, and the streets of Times Square in New York City were so fun to shop and reminisce about last year. 

Seeun: I always enjoy walking and looking at beautiful scenery, so I was so excited when someone recommended the River Walk. When I went there, I understood why they recommended it. It was so beautiful and I wanted to go again.

J: I was recommended to visit The Grove shopping mall in LA, so I went and the weather was so nice and the atmosphere was so pretty. 

KPC: You’ve garnered a strong international fanbase since debut and SWITH is so happy to hear you’re going on a world tour! Why do you think STAYC’s music and style resonate so much with international SWITH?

Yoon: I think music can transcend cultural and language barriers, so I think many of our fans enjoy and relate to our songs. 

J: I’ve heard a lot of people say that they feel hopeful and comforted when they listen to STAYC’s songs. I think STAYC’s pure, but energetic with “teenfreshness” is what our fans love about us! 

KPC: SWITH enjoy your albums’ B-side tracks as much as they love the title tracks.  Which song(s) do you each enjoy performing the most on tour? Is there a song that fans particularly loved hearing live?

Sieun: “YOUNG LUV,” “COMPLEX,” and “24/7”!! I feel it every time we perform live, but fans really love it, and I can feel that US SWITH really likes the lyrics and the vibe of the music~! 

Isa: It seems like our fans like energetic songs like “SO BAD” and “RUN2U” from our title tracks, and calm songs like “YOUNG LUV” and “I WANT U BABY” from our side tracks, but it’s hard to choose a song because SWITH like them all so much hehe. 

KPC: As artists who continue to grow with each new release, what have been some of your favorite compliments that you’ve received on your work thus far?

Sumin: “STAYC does it again.” 

Sieun: It was when our fans and the general public told us they could get back up again through our music and performances. We are happy and thankful our art can be empowering. 

Isa: “If it’s STAYC, you have to listen to the full album!” We are thankful they trust our music and tune in each time. It makes us feel more ambitious in trying to make good music of various genres in return. 

Seeun: “They of course blew our expectations. It’s amazing to see them grow each time.” These words encouraged me so much during my moments of self-doubt. It gave me reassurance that I was doing well as an artist. 

Yoon: “I’ve gotten strength through watching STAYC’s performances.” We wanted to become artists who give positive energy so hearing that they feel strengthened through watching us perform and hearing us sing was the most encouraging words we received. 

J: We have performed songs of various styles so far. Hearing compliments about our ability to pull off every album and concept and us maturing with each release are what touched me the most. 

KPC: What’s next for STAYC? What plans do you have for the rest of the year? 

Sumin: We are preparing for the release of our Japanese album this year! Please look forward to it! 

Seeun: Once we finish our US tour, we have a Japanese album release planned for December! 

Cr. Aaron V.

KPC: Thank you for your time! Do you have any messages you’d like to share with your fans?

Sumin: Thank you so much SWITH for always showing us so much love, and we will always make good music in return. 

Sieun: I’m so lucky to have SWITH in my life. I’ll never lose sight of this luck and love you even more in the future! Let’s be as happy and healthy as we are now 💓 

Isa: We’ll show you a lot of various activities in the future, so I hope you look forward to it. See you in many different countries soon~ 

Seeun: Thank you so much for always supporting and loving us, and I’m so glad and happy to be with you. I hope we can make a lot more happy memories in the future. Thank you always and we love you ❤️ 

Yoon: Thank you to all the fans for always supporting and loving us. I hope to see you more often and share good energy with you in the future SWITH! 

J: SWITH, thank you so much for always waiting and supporting us from afar! We will grow to be more sincere artists as well! Stay tuned and have a great day~><!!❤️❤️ 

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