INTERVIEW: Pentagon Reflects on Their Accomplishments and Talks Upcoming “WE L:VE” Concert

It’s been quite a momentous year for Cube Entertainment’s idol group, Pentagon. The group released their first full-length albums in Korea (Universe: The Black Hall) and Japan (Universe: The History), competed on Mnet’s Road to Kingdom that birthed the powerful anthem “Basquiat,” participated in online events like KCON:TACT, and hosted their first virtual fan meeting, PENTAG-ON AIR. 

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In an exclusive interview back in September, Pentagon shared their future goals and aspirations for the next five years with Kpopconcerts. Members HONGSEOK and YEOONE both specifically cited winning first place on a music program as being their personal goals. Little did they know that just 10 days after the group’s four year anniversary, Pentagon was awarded their coveted first place award on SBS MTV’s The Show with “Daisy,” the lead track from their 10th EP WE:TH

Now the group is ready to share the fruits of their labors with their beloved fanbase (called UNIVERSE) through their first-ever online concert – 2020 PENTAGON ONLINE CONCERT: “WE L:VE. The concert will be streamed online this Sunday, November 29 at 3PM (KST) and will be Pentagon’s first concert since their 2019 PRISM World Tour. Kpopconcerts briefly caught up with Pentagon to reflect on their accomplishments thus far and share a bit of what they have in store for the upcoming online concert.

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In our last interview, some members cited “winning #1 on a music show” as one of their goals to achieve in the next five years. Less than two months later and ten days after your four year anniversary, you won first place on The Show with “Daisy,” congratulations! How did you all celebrate this new milestone in your career? 

WOOSEOK: “It did not feel real at first. It felt real after we came back to the dressing room, and I was touched when I saw the members were happy and impressed. The staff and people who have been working with us and loving us for the past 4 years congratulated us a lot. I was especially happy when I imagined how happy UNIVERSE would be. We gained a lot of strength from UNIVERSE and be happy to be with UNIVERSE. I think it’s all thanks to UNIVERSE!”

Your 10th EP WE:TH is a reflection of Pentagon’s growth over the last four years and each song was crafted with sincerity and honesty. What were your thoughts and feelings while putting this album together?

HUI: “I hoped it would be a good flow while listening to the whole album all along so I listened to it many times and finally chose this flow of the track list.”

KINO: “I felt this album had a good flow so I was confident with this album even before it’s released.”

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2020 PENTAGON ONLINE CONCERT: “WE L:VE” will be Pentagon’s first online concert. Could you share some spoilers on what you have in store for UNIVERSE? 

WOOSEOK: “There are so many definitions that come to your mind when you think of PENTAGON, and you will be able to see and feel all of them when you watch this online concert. You can look forward to it!”

This will also be Yanan’s first online concert with Pentagon following his return to activities. Yanan, how has it been preparing for the upcoming event? How does it feel to be performing with the members again?

YANAN: “I’m diligently learning the choreographies of songs that I haven’t been with for about a year. I’m also preparing very hard with the members because there are so many exclusive performances that we’ve never shown before at this concert. I’m so excited to hold the concert with the members again that I really want to do it well.”

Along with your album and concert, you are premiering your own reality series, FOREST WE:TH Pentagon airing on November 10. Can you tell us more about it and how the series ties into your WE:TH promotions?

HONGSEOK: “The keyword of this album was ‘empathy,’ so we want to be empathized with UNIVERSE a little more though the process of emptying out at this reality show ‘FOREST WE:TH PENTAGON.’”

YEOONE: “You will be able to feel the love among the members and see each of us relaxing in each own way through ‘FOREST WE:TH PENTAGON’.”

Lastly as we are nearing the end of the year, what keywords come to mind when thinking of Pentagon’s accomplishments thus far and why?

SHINWON: “‘RESET.’ I think it seems to have been a year in which we have [grabbed] a chance to get on track again and keep going on.”

YUTO: “‘Running!’ Because we ran so hard just looking ahead.”

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Translated by: Nahri L.

Kpopconcerts would like to thank Pentagon, CUBE Entertainment, and CJ ENM for the interview opportunity.

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