[INTERVIEW] OnlyOneOf on Meeting American Fans and Breaking K-Pop Boundaries

Since their debut in 2019, OnlyOneOf has become well-known for challenging norms within K-Pop and tackling themes of interpersonal relationships, individuality, and sensuality. In the past, they’ve even faced backlash for their suggestive choreography in songs such as “libidO.” Despite the hardships, members KB, Rie, Yoojung, Junji, Mill, and Nine have found that fans around the world, called lyOns, have resonated with the stories that they tell through their diverse discography. 

The positive international response to OnlyOneOf’s work has brought them halfway across the world to embark on their first-ever Grand America Tour. The tour sees them hitting eleven cities in the United States with concerts and fan meetings over a month-long period. 

Kpopconcerts.com had the opportunity to sit down with OnlyOneOf ahead of the second show of their first stop in Jersey City, NJ. Despite the often intense themes that the group portrays, the group was anything but as they joked around throughout the interview. After kicking off the interview with a hilarious bang by leaning forward and cackling into the team’s recording mic, the guys opened up about tour prep, meeting American lyOns, and breaking boundaries.

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KPC: What is it like to be embarking on your first North American tour?

OnlyOneOf: Firstly, it really feels like a dream to me and I think the rest of this tour will also feel like one as well. 

KPC: What is it like meeting lyOns in person?

OnlyOneOf: We’ve always been saying we want to meet our lyOns for a very long time and I think that opportunity is finally here and we’re able to receive and give back the energy they have always supported us with.

KPC: OnlyOneOf has done many unique concepts that have created buzz in the K-Pop industry. Was there anything that you were worried about or had difficulty with in regard to these concepts?

OnlyOneOf: Our concept is very unique and very cool to us. In the beginning, we were a bit worried about our acting skills. But we have great chemistry so we’re able to perform the part really well in music video shoots. In general, many fans have found our message to be meaningful, so we are grateful for that and we think it’s a good reason to keep going.

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KPC: Were there any fun situations or any hardships that you had to overcome while preparing for your latest album, seOul cOllectiOn, and the “seOul drift” music video?

OnlyOneOf: When we were filming the music video, we were split up into different “units,” so we all went home at different times. Junji got to leave the earliest, so I was jealous of him.

KPC: What was it like preparing for the tour? Did you have any routines and was there anything that was difficult?

OnlyOneOf: There wasn’t anything specifically difficult, but because we knew that American lyOns would be looking forward to their first time meeting us in person, we tried very hard to make sure we could live up to their expectations. We did feel the burden of that, but we were also excited to be able to show our solo performances for the first time. Although we were a little nervous and worried, we already finished our first show so we’re excited for the next one.

KPC: You have a web series coming later this year starring the members. What can lyOns expect from it?

OnlyOneOf: You can really look forward to the amount of chemistry we have on the show.

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KPC: Finally, is there anything coming up that you can tease that lyOns can look forward to?

OnlyOneOf: We’re gonna go back to Korea. We’re having our first big concert with our lyOns in Korea so we’re really looking forward to that. As soon as that concert is over, we will be working toward another comeback so we’ll be preparing for that as well.

Thank you to OnlyOneOf for the time, Studio PAV for the interview opportunity and onsite translations, and Nahri L. for additional translations.

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