[INTERVIEW] JONGHAN On “Indecisive Me,” His Musical Journey, and Being An Artist Fans Can Be Proud Of

Korean R&B singer-songwriter JONGHAN interview

Singer-songwriter JONGHAN holds the ability to create music that encapsulates a variety of emotions while soothing and comforting fans. Debuting under KONSORTIUM on September 16 with the single “Sandbag,” he showcased to the world his dreamy vocals and raw talent. Building his discography, he dropped the singles “Rainy Day,” a track he recommends to first time listeners, and “Early October,” a delicately complex song comparing a relationship to the changing seasons. He expressed that when creating his music, he works to provide a collection of easy listening tracks that can be listened to long after their release. His most recent single released on November 21, “Indecisive Me,” embodies this easy listening essence.

With delicate, rich vocals and a light melody, “Indecisive Me” describes the initial inability to make a decision followed by a gravitational pull to follow another’s lead once being engulfed by interest. “‘Indecisive Me’ was based on my own personal experiences. I’m known for being unable to make decisions really well, but when I date a girl or find someone I really like I want to follow and do what she wants to do,” he shyly laughed while saying. A quirky, yet fun, visualizer accompanies the track to display a lighthearted depiction of message. The video shows vibrant JONGHAN being poked and prodded by a woman without any pushback. He casually goes with the flow and looks happy while doing it. “I wanted a very comfortable atmosphere while still being fun and not too heavy. If you listen to my songs, each one has a very specific theme, so it was easy to make a theme for each visualizer.”

The R&B artist realized his desire to pursue music at the young age of 13 after participating in his school’s talent show during a class trip. “It was the first time I practiced and sang in front of an audience and to see and experience my friends clapping and rooting for me, it was a really exciting moment. It was the first time I had felt that and that was the moment I decided I wanted to take this path.” At a time in high school when those around him contemplated which major to pursue and began splitting into different directions to begin the next chapter of their lives, JONGHAN stood face to face with a choice. “That’s when I decided I wanted to be a singer. At first my parents were very against it and it was a very hard battle for me, but eventually I was able to convince my mother to allow me to do it, and now I’m here.”

From there JONGHAN’s musical journey began. It wasn’t until he prepared to audition for an arts college that he fully recognized his potential. Inspired by artists such as Justin Bieber and Conan Gray, JONGHAN took the time to study not only the composition of their music, but the elements that allowed them to convey their positive experiences in a way that connected to fans. “I had a moment where I thought, why push any further singing my own songs.” Despite not yet being a debuted artist, he had the opportunity to meet many different people from the industry. Through these encounters he began to teach himself the elements of producing, “I wouldn’t forget what they had done and would go home and try to replicate it and make it my own.” 

Korean R&B singer-songwriter JONGHAN interview

Accepted into the top arts college in Korea, a simple class assignment sparked JONGHAN to acknowledge his songwriting abilities. The class assigned him to create a piece of music with lyrics, “I wrote a really simple song. It was just a four chord guitar-based song and for someone that had never written lyrics, it was hard and sort of embarrassing, and you feel a lot of different emotions while doing it. After I finished, I was really proud of my song. It was only a minute and thirty seconds, but I was so proud that I sent it to everyone around me. To this day I remember how proud I was of the song I created at that time,” he brightly reminisced with a warm smile on his face.

Despite his talent and love for his craft, there was a moment where the artist once thought of quitting. Not being the type to contact people first, he found himself creating music that he only allowed himself to listen to. Suddenly and unexpectedly, a producer he once worked with contacted him, introducing him to one of the people on his current team. This sudden connection changed the trajectory of his path, catapulting him to meet a number of others and ultimately those that he now works with.

Surrounded by those that support him, he feels lucky for how things manifested. “It was unbelievable how my team came together and how I met them. I’ve always been thankful for them, and I try to always tell everyone how grateful I am. Everyone is always on the same page so we’re able to do everything that I want to do and produce what I want to do, and there is so much synergy because everyone is on the same page and we’re all thinking and feeling the same things. It’s not because I think I’m great or amazing, but because I have a great team.” Full of humility and gratitude, JONGHAN recognizes those around him made his life possible by believing in him.

Korean R&B singer-songwriter JONGHAN interview

The chance to work with a team full of like minded people drastically changed JONGHAN’s life. He transformed from making music alone and for himself to collaborating with a team and receiving love from fans from all over the world. He expressed the gratitude and support he feels when receiving messages from fans of all cultures sharing that they love his music and that he helps them.

He aims to be an artist that doesn’t remain stagnant for long. “In the future there will be songs similar to what I’m doing now, but there will be more opportunities to think ‘Oh, JONGHAN does this stuff too?’ Although so far releasing primarily R&B tracks for himself, he has proven his ability to create a diverse range of genres by collaborating with a collection of producers and writers for tracks such as “Body & Soul” by YANG YOSEOP and “Hypnotized” by THE BOYZ.

“I had watched a lot of IU concerts at home, and one thing I noticed is that she is really comfortable with her fans and it’s almost like being with friends…I want to be able to create a concert that’s similar with my long-time fans, even if it’s two to three hours or five hours it doesn’t matter.”


When asked about future performance plans JONGHAN too humbly responded, “If people ask, then I would definitely do it, but I don’t think I am yet an artist that people will ask to perform live. But even if it’s a small performance, I am more than willing if requested.” Radiating kindness and humility, he went on to discuss the type of environment and atmosphere he hopes to provide when he eventually begins to perform, “I had watched a lot of IU concerts at home, and one thing I noticed is that she is really comfortable with her fans and it’s almost like being with friends. Also with the staff on stage and off stage it makes a very comfortable atmosphere. It feels like the fans are just fans, but they are family and friends. I want to be able to create a concert that’s similar with my long-time fans, even if it’s two to three hours or five hours it doesn’t matter.” With an emphasis on gratitude and showing his appreciation for those around him, he wants to create an environment where everyone, staff, fan, or artist, all recognize they hold an important role in his success. “I’ve always thought that the fact that these fans love me without anything in return and just because of my music, and they would go to a concert and spend their time and money to see me is something I’m always thankful for and something I always keep on my mind. The best way I can repay them is through my music.”

Rounding out the interview, we asked JONGHAN to share a message for his fans. “I really want to thank everyone in person and to all of my Korean and overseas fans, the fact that they like me just for my music always surprises me, and it makes me want to write more and more music every single day and it really pushes me to do that. Although it hasn’t been long, in the future I want to be an artist where if someone says that they like JONGHAN that it’s not something embarrassing but someone can be like ‘Oh you like him too? I really like him too.’ I want to become this really great artist for my fans.” With JONGHAN’s addictive sound, impressive skill, and humble personality his goal seems pretty easy to accomplish.

Make sure to stream “Indecisive Me” and check out the official visualizer below!

JONGHAN Indecisive Me album artwork
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