[INTERVIEW] DAVII Discusses Latest Album, Jazz, Future Plans, and More!

Korean singer-songwriter DAVII

On December 15, dynamic singer-songwriter and producer, DAVII, released his latest album RE:new. Consisting of seven tracks, RE:new takes fans through an emotional journey starting with a beautifully crushing piano piece to represent separation and loss of self, and ending full circle with another piano instrumental that embodies the idea of rebirth and the discovery of one’s purpose. 

Since his debut back in 2014, DAVII has established a name for himself by producing hit tracks for artists including Super Junior, Paul Kim, and Heize while also proving himself as a multifaceted solo artist with his smooth tone and tender jazz sound. DAVII’s ability to craft projects that offer honest storytelling and soulful melodies stems from years of experience and being at the forefront of the creative process.

Album artwork for Korean singer-songwriter DAVII
Album artwork for DAVII’s ‘Re:new’ album.

Exuding a bright, welcoming aura, DAVII eagerly sat down with the KPC team ready to dive into RE:New. When asked about the inspiration and theme behind the album, he energetically presented a beautiful, cool-toned painting created by a friend. “This is going to be my album cover” he announced with a proud smile. He dove into the piece to describe how the different elements each represented a role in the album’s message. Pointing to different areas of the artwork, he described the trees making up the background as eerily surrounding a lone door, “this is a door, and this person is holding an umbrella.” Getting more excited, he went on to explain how the red rain in the back resembles blood, forcing the person to enter through the door. After his enthusiastic narration, the energy relaxed and a warm smile overcame him as he revealed the mystery behind the door – “life.” The whirlwind of emotion experienced by the description of the project acted to foreshadow the power and passion lying in the track list.

DAVII sets himself apart from the crowd by curating a distinguished sound made up of buttery notes and unique jazz elements. Discovering his love for music through learning jazz, he realized his skills and passions reside in a style absent from the current music scene, especially in Korea. “When I thought about jazz I realized that there are not any well known jazz musicians in Korea. Jazz is what I’m good at, so that’s how I decided on jazz.” Although DAVII gains inspiration from a number of artists, one specifically stands out above the rest, “I only want to say Jamie Cullum.” Showing the extent of his admiration, he created “Jamie Cullum,” which embodies both of the artists’ suave jazz sounds. DAVII recommends the track to anyone wanting to understand the essence of his music. Standing as one of few in his field, DAVII took the opportunity to pave his own path and reinvent what it means to be a jazz musician. Blending the genre with R&B, he implements a smooth, distinctive element into his music difficult to find elsewhere.

DAVII’s ability to create a variety of different tracks and genres by tailoring his writing to the artist, whether it be himself or others, proves the extent of his talent. Explaining that although the musical approach may not change when producing for others or for himself, the major difference lies in the messages and storytelling. “When I am creating for myself I have a specific message I want to tell and it is a song about my life, but when I am producing for others I first have to listen to their stories, and that is where the message is different when producing and writing.” The opportunities to work and collaborate with other artists and producers allows him to constantly evolve and discover new ideas. “There are many different people with different thoughts and purposes for doing this. It is a really good experience to get to know their thoughts and insights. I get to know what is in their minds and that gives me more inspiration to write my songs.”

DAVII holds the meaning of “answer” in English, and he hopes to be the answer to those that listen to his music. Sharing his own answer to life, he acknowledges that despite the immense success and talent he obtains, the root of his abilities comes from his faith. When asked the biggest inspiration in his life he calmly and contentedly answered with a single word, “Jesus.” After a short pause, he continued to explain that his faith provides strength and the power to prevail through self doubt and hardship. “I find the reason why I should do this every time.” Regarding his future, rather than having an elaborate goal he wishes to accomplish, he only hopes to continue making music and become an evangelist.

When looking ahead, by no means does DAVII plan to slow down. RE:new is only the beginning, “I am going to release an album every three to four months.” Full of stories to tell and melodies to compose, DAVII’s future remains limitless.

As a final send off to fans, he endearingly stated, “Fans, I love you. I want to see you guys.” With every word expressed, DAVII made it apparent that he wants nothing more than to share his beliefs and tell stories through his music. Re:new touches on the ideas of separation and love in a way that feels heartbreaking, yet uplifting. His ability to stir a variety of emotions from intense sorrow and hope through not only his lyrics, but his instrumental pieces, proves his musical talent. We can’t wait to see what he does next.

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