Fresh Sound and Second Chances, Omega X on Chasing Their Dreams Once Again

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Though 2020 was the year of missed opportunities for many artists, the eleven members of Omega X found their second chance to stand on stage. When the live events industry came to a painful halt in 2020 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, plans for touring, festival appearances, in-person fan meetings and fansigns, and other opportunities were derailed. These events yield essential opportunities for growth, promotion, and connection for artists as they establish their own stake in the competitive music market. This chain of events left artists in limbo and/or led to an untimely disbandment. But for some, they were able to latch onto a new window of opportunity. Brought together by their sheer talent, determination, and passion for the stage, Omega X was formed by entertainment company Spire Entertainment to give these artists another shot at breaking into the K-pop industry.

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Cr. Spire Entertainment

Omega X debuted on June 30 with their first mini-album, VAMOS. “Omega (Ω),” the last letter of the Greek alphabet, symbolizes a new beginning and dreams, while the “X” denotes the end. Combined, Omega X refers to the members’ wish to stay with their fans from the beginning until the end. The group consists of many familiar faces – Sebin from SNUPER; Hangyeom from SEVEN O’CLOCK; Jaehan from SPECTRUM; Junghoon, Hyuk, and Kevin from ENOi; Taedong from GIDONGDAE; Jehyun and Xen from 1TEAM; Hwichan from LIMITLESS; and Yechan from 1THE9. Each member is from a disbanded or inactive group and/or have participated in survival competitions such as MixNine, The Unit, Produce 101, Under 19, and SuperStar K7.

During Omega X’s debut showcase, Hyuk shared with us the group’s feeling’s about the re-debut process. “I think it was inevitable for all of the members to feel some pressure because we are ‘re-debuting,’” Hyuk started. “We talked a lot amongst ourselves and practiced very hard to overcome that pressure. If we haven’t grown or matured since our previous promotions, then there is no reason for us to return to the stage now, so we are all very thankful for this opportunity, and we are all happy and working very hard.”

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When asked about the key qualities needed to succeed in this competitive industry, Hwichan stated that effort and skill are two fundamental qualities needed in order to survive in this market. “At this very moment, there is not only our group, but also other artists, and even people who are currently trainees. They are all putting their blood and tears into practicing and working hard. In order to not fall behind, we must not just be satisfied with where we are but continue to work hard.” Hwichan affirmed that they all will continue to work diligently to return all the interest and support that they have received on their road to debut. “Being a part of the K-pop market was a dream for all of us as we were growing up, and we are now able to continue following this dream by debuting as Omega X. Thank you to all of the staff at Spire Entertainment, our company, for making this happen. We will never forget our beginnings and we will become an Omega X that works hard.”

VAMOS is an album that reflects the group’s hard-earned efforts and growth. It contains a total of five tracks, including the title song “Vamos” of the same name, “OX WIN HA!,” “ICETAG,” “OMEGA X,” and “YOUNGER.” “Vamos” serves as the perfect introduction to what the group has to offer. It is a hip-hop track that boasts a commanding beat that fuses Spanish phrases (“Vamos a la fiesta”), Korean, and splashes of English lyrics to create the perfect multilingual summer anthem.

When posed the question about the song’s Latin influence, Xen shared that he came across Latin music by chance while casually browsing on a music streaming site. “The emotions that I felt from the music, as well as the upbeat rhythm and the sexy pronunciation of the language itself really stuck with me,” Xen answered. It was around that time they started working on “Vamos.” “We discussed the overall emotions and vibe behind Latin music, and I think listening to actual Latin music was very helpful. I still enjoy listening to Latin music.”

The struggles they faced leading up to this point in their careers are best showcased in the mini-album’s closing track, “YOUNGER.” Co-penned by Sebin, Jaehan, Junghoon, Jehyun, Hangyeom, Hyuk, and Hwichan, the emotional rock-pop song is laced in nostalgia. Children’s voices start off the song and ease listeners into the opening verses that express the members’ desire to go back to their childhood days, blissfully unaware of the hardships that they were soon to face. As the song progresses, it carries a message of hope to their younger selves encouraging them to “untie the knot” of the past and chase after their dreams once again. During the group’s debut fan showcase, the members broke down crying while performing the song, displaying their heartfelt, raw emotions that they felt during their most difficult moments.

Despite the obstacles that they had to overcome to reach this point in their lives, the Omega X members’ hard work and determination did not go unnoticed. Just a few days after its release, the “Vamos” music video accumulated one million views on their official Youtube channel. On June 6, Spire Entertainment announced that all 20,000 copies of the group’s debut mini-album were sold out prior to the end of the first-week sales period (June 30 to July 6). The entertainment company expressed their gratitude for the hot response from fans and worked diligently to produce additional copies to meet the demand.

Starting all over in a new group is a daunting task. However, Omega X is here to stay. The members’ collective experience from their past activities paired with their sheer determination to be onstage will solidify the group as one of the most promising debuts of 2021. Stand tall and proud, Omega X. The stage is yours.

Stay tuned for our upcoming exclusive “Get to Know Omega X” graphics coming soon on our Instagram! In the meantime, stream Omega X’s first mini-album VAMOS, check out their pre-debut series Loading One More Chan X, and follow them on their socials below:

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Written by: Ericka P. / Translations by: Lisa E.

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