[RECAP] VAV Makes Dreams Come True in Chicago

On February 16, 2020, A Team Entertainment’s dynamic idol group, VAV, graced the stage of the Concord Music Hall in Chicago as part of the group’s ‘Grand America Tour’ presented by Studio PAV.

Having visited Chicago the year before, the seven-member group consisting of Ayno, Ziu, St. Van, Jacob, Baron, Lou, and ACE, made good on their promise to return to the Windy City, and a cheering crowd of fans filled the music hall, excitedly waiting to welcome them back. Braving the frigid cold of Chicago in February, the group’s devoted fans, affectionately known as Vampz, flocked to the heart of the city, anxiously awaiting the moment when VAV would finally take the stage.

As the house lights dimmed, a collective squeal of excitement filled the air as countless fans raised their voices to welcome their beloved group to the stage. With smiles and waves to the crowd, now shrouded in darkness, VAV walked on-stage as eager to greet their Chicago Vampz, as Vampz were to greet them.

Kicking the evening off with a two-song set that included “Poison” and “119,” VAV wowed fans with their stellar vocals and killer dance moves. As the last notes of “119” played and the house lights came up, VAV were more than happy to greet their adoring fans. With endless smiles and a quick introduction of each member, VAV welcomed their fans to the show. Happy to see so many smiling faces, VAV knew their fans were here to enjoy a performance like no other and were happy to oblige. 

Moving quickly into another two-song set, VAV’s performance of “Venus” and “Flower” were not soon to be forgotten. With the crowd completely enthralled by the seven idols on-stage, the group took a minute to chat with their fans. With broad smiles and numerous waves to the crowd, the group assured their local Vampz that “Chicago is the best!

Clearly feeding off the crowd’s energy, each member of the group took a moment to introduce himself a little more thoroughly, throwing little mini-solos in here and there, and randomly assuring fans that their energy was making them want to perform all night long — a statement that sent the entire crowd into an excited uproar. 

With so much excitement pulsing in the air, it wasn’t long before VAV jumped back into another set of songs that included “Thrilla Killa,” “Gorgeous,” and “Touch You.” Once again, the energy in the room drove the performance. The group’s excitement escalating as the night went on.

In an unexpected turn of events, the next segment of the evening was dedicated wholly to the fans. In a game they called “Tell Me Your Wish,” the group invited seven lucky fans onto the stage to pull one of seven random wishes out of a hat. Whatever “wish” each lucky fan drew was then granted by the member of their choice. With wishes ranging from selfies, to aegyo, to proposals, to hugs, each fan lucky enough to be on-stage went home with a head full of memories and a heart full of joy.

After granting wishes and apologizing for not being able to grant more, the group moved into another three-song set that included “Senorita,” “Give Me More,” and “Runway.” As the members strutted their stuff on-stage, their confidence and audience interaction grew exponentially, and the audience squealed in delight. With smiles and waves, random hearts, and a fair amount of attention given to those stuck way in the back, not a single person in attendance was ignored and more than a few fans found themselves on the verge of an emotional meltdown.

Taking a moment between sets to chat with their fans, the members of VAV couldn’t help but tell the audience how appreciative they are for their undying love and support. Letting their Chicago Vampz know how amazing they are, the group then moved into another set, this one a bit more special as it contained a song written by Lou and inspired by Vampz. 

As the audience’s collective heart melted, the group moved into their next set. With performances of “Spotlight,” “She’s Mine,” and Lou’s “You Taught me Love,” VAV brought the show to an emotional close.

Taking a moment to say their final goodbyes, each member of the group reflected on the evening, expressed their never-ending gratitude for all of the love and support they’ve gotten from their fans over the years, reassured fans that they will continue to work hard, and proclaimed their undying love. Naturally, the audience was quick to express their love as well, their cheers and tears an undeniable expression of the love they have for VAV.

Bringing the evening to a close with a two-song set that included “Give it to Me” and “Sweetheart,” VAV left fans with happy hearts as they disappeared into the darkness. Of course, as is almost always the case, the evening wasn’t over just yet. 

Returning to the stage for an encore performance of “Poison,” VAV doled out heart-stopping smiles and an overwhelming amount of fanservice, the only true expression they had to show Vampz how they truly feel. As the song came to a close, a feeling of finality settled on the room, as if each person in attendance reluctantly accepted the fact that all good things must eventually come to an end. 

With smiles and waves to their happy fans, VAV walked off-stage, leaving Chicago Vampz with a heart full of happiness and fond memories that are sure to be treasured for years to come.


Written and Photographed by: Leah W.

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