[RECAP] ONEUS’ Theatrical Performance Captivates Audience at Sold-Out “Blood Moon” Concert in Beverly Hills

Cr. Ericka P.

It’s been a long time coming since ONEUS first met their U.S. fans on their 2019 Fly With Us tour. Since then, they honed their craft, released more music, participated in Road to Kingdom, and even secured their first-ever music show win just last year. Now, RAVN, Seoho, Leedo, Keonhee, Hwanwoong, and Xion returned Stateside to showcase their refined talent and reignited passion for the stage with their 2022 “Blood Moon” U.S. Tour.

Promoted by Sean Healy Presents, the tour took the group on a cross-country road trip across 14 cities that drew an estimated number of 20,000 fans affectionately called To Moons. Riding off the adrenaline from their jammed-pack tour, ONEUS was warmly greeted with a sold-out concert for their final stop at the historic Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, CA. Despite having been apart from ONEUS for over two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, To Moons’ love and loyalty did not waver. Hours before doors opened, the long line that wrapped around the venue and down the city block caught the attention of many Beverly Hills locals who regularly stopped to ask about the performing act of the night. 

Donning sharp black suits, ONEUS kicked things off the night strongly with “Come Back Home,” the group’s powerful finale song from Road to Kingdom, and a rock version of their beloved debut track, “Valkyrie.” A combination of intricate choreography and acrobatics, the group’s dance sequences displayed their impeccable precision, teamwork, and fearlessness. ONEUS filled their sets with gravity-defying lifts, tosses, and leaps of faith that kept everyone on the edge of their seats and set the tone for a night full of theatrical festivities.

Following their introductions, ONEUS switched gears and moved into the funkier and rhythmic numbers, “Black Mirror” and “Shut Up 받고 Crazy Hot!” The “Black Mirror” choreography called for a suave dance break that led to the boys flinging their black wide-brimmed hats into the audience, an act that was well-received by the lucky To Moons who managed to snatch the keepsakes. The set whipped the crowd into a frenzy, so much so that the members kindly asked everyone to stay calm, not to push one another, and to “make sure to wear a face mask please!” The group then quickly moved into “Twilight” before wrapping up the first set of the night.

A playful VCR of each member showcasing their own unique skills in a makeshift talent show set the tone for the following set. Returning onstage in pure-white attire, ONEUS graced the audience with a medley of their fun-loving hits, “Plastic Flower,” “English Girl,” and “Airplane.”

ONEUS performing in Beverly Hills, CA for their 2022 Blood Moon Tour in USA
Cr. Ericka P.

Performing against an LED display of an arid desert, ONEUS eased into “A Song Written Easily,” the rhythmic, moombahton track befitted for the upcoming summer season. In contrast, the members then slowed things down with the pensive ballad “Youth.” Filled with reflective lyrics laced with nostalgia for their younger years, it captivated the audience as they raised their hands and swayed along to the soothing track. As the song came to the end, the members voiced their appreciation for the tour and how the experience allowed them to spend more of their “youth” with To Moons. Looking out into the audience, HwanWoong commented, “While singing this song, I’m really always happy to be waving my hands with you guys on stage. I’m sad to think that this is the last time for this tour.” 

The venue was still in a pensive mood that was suddenly lifted when the members’ teased about their next performances. The group performed two back-to-back sexy dance covers, igniting the crowd’s energy that carried well into the following track, “To Be or Not To Be.” With a moody synth sound and an intense beat echoing that of a heartbeat, the song captured the crowd’s building anticipation and culminated toward the end as Seoho soared across the stage with his perfectly executed aerial stunts. With everyone’s adrenaline at an all-time high, the set continued on with the highly demanded hip-hop track, “No Diggity.” The roars and screams from the audience echoed throughout the venue as everyone bobbed their head and pumped their lightsticks along to the beat.

A documentary-style VCR showcased the making of ONEUS’ “Blood Moon” tour. Paying heed to each member’s capability and stamina, ONEUS deliberated over the tour’s setlist for months to ensure an even distribution of breaks between their demanding stages to compose a strong and sustainable setlist suitable for a month-long, 14-city tour. Their hard work did not disappoint as fans were treated to a series of powerful stages that showcased the group’s stamina, vocal control, and pristine dance moves.

The climax of the night came as the members introduced the beauty of Korean culture to the U.S. audience. Dressed in cream-colored, traditional Korean hanboks modernized with intricate designs, ONEUS and their backup dancers kicked things off with “Intro: Window,” a track that fuses traditional Korean orchestral strings and percussion with the intensity of mainstream trap beats. The group segued into the “LUNA,” the beloved track that secured the group’s first-ever win on a music show, followed by “LIT.” Incorporating the traditional Korean fan and sleeve dances performed against an LED backdrop of traditional architecture and elements, ONEUS paid homage to Korean culture through its stunning, theatrical performance.

Trading their hanboks for their tour t-shirts and hoodies, ONEUS began their encore stage with an English version of “Life is Beautiful.” They quickly followed with the heartfelt “I.P.U” where the group brought out cameras and selfie sticks to film the crowd and commemorate the final show on their tour. The performance was filled with cute banter as the members posed for photos and threw an endless amount of flirty gestures and hearts at the crowd. Much to the surprise and delight of many, the final show got extra songs added to the encore, including the original version of “No Diggity” and the party-anthem “Now.”

From start to finish, ONEUS committed themselves to delivering top-tier, show-stopping performances for their U.S. fans. Whether a long-time To Moon or a new listener easing your way into their discography, it’s guaranteed you would be left with an unforgettable experience that will leave you yearning to see them live again. Until then, keep an eye out and show your support for ONEUS’ future activities! 


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