[RECAP] ONEUS Kicks Off LIVENow’s K-Pop Series

Acting as the perfect kick off for LIVENow’s exclusive series of K-Pop concerts, ONEUS executed high intensity performances and provided fans with an energetic, fun-loving Q&A. The online event ignited curiosity and excitement, essentially a preview into their upcoming U.S tour.

The six member group made up of Ravn, Seoho, Leedo, Keonhee, Hwanwoong, and Xion, accomplished an incredibly busy 2021 with three comebacks, a musical project, and a concert. Under RBW Entertainment, the group released their first studio album DEVIL, unveiled ‘ONEUS THEATRE: Life is Beautiful,’ which consisted of a number of singles performed with concepts from a number of classic films like Mad Max and Dead Poets Society, released their 6th mini-album BLOOD MOON, and took part in a number of other projects. The online event starts off their 2022 strong, hinting at what’s to come.

ONEUS | Live Performance

The online performance began with a cinematic introduction video referencing the concept of time and space to tell the story of two planets, “ONE” and “US,” forbidden from meeting due to a barrier called the “Time Paradox.” The end of the video states, “An energy flare of unknown cause occurred. That energy moved the cosmic currents for ONE and US to meet. Finally, the two planets started to shine together,” before fading into an explosive stage as ONEUS presented a rock version of “Valkyrie.” Their vibrant choreography and powerful vocals combined with ONEUS surrounded by sparks of fire and clips of a burning sun set the tone for the remainder of the concert, leaving fans to crave their next move. After completing the song and settling in, ONEUS took the time to express their gratitude and officially introduce themselves to the online audience. Craving-face to-face interaction, the group made a point to mention their excitement and anticipation about meeting their fans after more than two years.

Following the sincere introduction, the members quickly proceeded with their next act, “BLACK MIRROR.” Embodying the funky aura and atmosphere of the track, the stage displayed an array of shining lights and video clips of glass as the members engaged in masterful choreography and colorful vocals.

To transition, the members took the time to display a select number of fans (TOMOON) on the big screen, giving them the opportunity to virtually meet the group. To create a more personal and intimate tone with fans, ONEUS then sat together in a line for the segment of the show “Time Travel,” where they shared an ensemble of stories and memories while revealing previously undisclosed baby pictures. The segment consisted of endearing laughs, thoughtful reminiscing, and hopeful thoughts towards the future. 

Continuing on with their performances, ONEUS delivered a compelling, refined stage for “To Be or Not to Be.” Offering polished choreography and fierce vocals, the members commanded the stage. Up next, “No Diggity” presented another dynamic ensemble as the group displayed assertive, stable vocals complimented by forceful and bold rap.

ONEUS | Live Performance

Switching up the energy from intense to endearing, the group showed a special video displaying the members gathered in their practice room answering a series of Q&As. The video allowed fans to peer into an authentic side of the members while witnessing them react and answer questions about themselves and each other. 

The video faded to present the members dressed in traditional clothing for their alluring track “Window.” The traditional elements seen in both the outfits and the setting gave the performance an extra edge. ONEUS’ confident demeanor amplified the already powerful track to create a noteworthy impression.

Revealing the group’s ability to turn on the theatrics, “Luna,” incorporated traditional hanbok and fans to magnify their storytelling. Graceful yet powerful, the performance faded out with ONEUS elegantly posing in front of an enlarged moon. Taking a break to interact with fans, the screen displayed a few more TOMOONs as the members announced their sadness for the passing time and the inevitable moment of their last song, although hinting at the possibility of an encore stage.

Lit” offered another grand performance as the members and supporting dancers executed elaborate choreography consisting of traditional fans, flags, and high energy. The stage allowed ONEUS to portray their calm and collected personalities when using their signature smooth vocals and rigid raps. 

A continuation of the introduction video displayed at the beginning of the event brought the concert full circle by sharing the two planets’,“ONE” and “US,” eternal connection. After the short blip in ONEUS’ time continuum, the video faded to unveil the members geared up for their encore performance, “BBUSYEO.” Revealing an outfit change into painter’s overalls, they continued to engage in a lighthearted performance full of cute gestures and positive energy. Ending with falling confetti, a number of “I love you”s, and a bright “Happy New Year,” the screen faded to black to mark the end of the event.

LIVENow’s online K-Pop series allowed ONEUS to provide fans with a collection of performances and a glimpse of their genuinity. It not only allowed for fans to feel more personally connected and appreciated, but also permitted ONEUS to close the gap between their long distance relationship with TOMOONs. Building off of their impressive accomplishments and busy schedule, we are looking forward to seeing what ONEUS has in store for 2022.

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