[RECAP] ONEUS Have A Crazy Hot Night with TO MOONs at Los Angeles “La Dolce Vita” Show

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On Wednesday, April 10, ONEUS successfully wrapped up the U.S. leg of their 2nd WORLD TOUR : La Dolce Vita at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA. The five-member K-Pop boy group embarked on this tour immediately after completing domestic promotions for their 10th mini album La Dolce Vita. Released in September 2023, the album serves as the namesake of the tour. ONEUS reunited with their LA fans, called TO MOONs, at the final stop of their four-week tour.

ONEUS officially debuted on January 9, 2019, under the entertainment company RBW and currently consists of five members—Seoho, Leedo, Keonhee, Hwanwoong, and Xion. With four of the current members previously introduced to the public through the idol survival shows “Produce 101 Season 2” and “Mixnine,” ONEUS was a highly anticipated rookie group. RBW Entertainment is also home to their brother group, ONEWE, and is most known for launching the vocal powerhouse girl group MAMAMOO.

Cr. Aaron V.

Five years after ONEUS’ debut, RBW is set to debut a new five-member idol boy group called NXD with familiar faces from recent survival shows—Hiroto from “Boys Planet,” and Jaemin, Hyeonggeun, and Daehyun from survival shows “My Teenage Boy.” In addition to busking across Los Angeles, NXD acted as the opening act for ONEUS’ Los Angeles show as part of their pre-debut promotions.

NXD kicked off the night and showed off their fresh, rookie spirit in the basketball-themed song “Jump” from their upcoming debut album. The members excitedly greeted the crowd and exclaimed their love and thanks to their seniors, ONEUS, for this opportunity to open their show. They showed one more song titled “Giddy Up (따라해)” and successfully got TO MOONs excited for NXD’s future activities and for the main act of the night.

Cr. Aaron V.

After NXD’s spirited opening, a VCR of an increasingly turbulent ocean played until the lights went out at the climax of the storm to signal the start of the show. The ONEUS members emerged in sparkly, light blue military-themed outfits, with member Xion sporting his infamous long hair extensions. ONEUS started things off with their most recent title tracks where TO MOONs sang along loudly to the Spanish lyrics of “Balia Conmigo” and went wild at the dramatic chorus instrumentals of “ERASE ME.”

The members introduced themselves to the crowd, with Leedo quickly removing his bedazzled jacket in favor of sporting his signature white tank top look. Since this was their last U.S. show, the members vowed to perform like it was their last and with no regrets. Eager to show us more performances, the members went right into performing “Simulation,” complete with its intricate chair choreography, and then “Full Moon” with its sensual floor choreography.

Hwanwoong remarked that there is a saying that if you like someone, you tend to become more like them. With that logic in mind, he assumed that since TO MOONs like ONEUS and ONEUS are good at dancing, TO MOONs must be good at dancing as well. To test this theory, the members taught the audience the hand-lifting choreography to their debut song “Valkyrie.” After a successful practice run, the members invited TO MOONS to dance with them and launched into “Valkyrie (Rock Ver.).” TO MOONs flawlessly performed the hand choreography, despite the fact many had their hands full with a lightstick and phone recording the performances.

In the VCR, the boys are shown hanging out together in a bright, sunny room but the video abruptly switches to various members swimming in a deep body of water. The video continues to go back and forth between the playful, lighthearted scenes to more eerie scenes that elicit feelings of drowning.

Cr. Aaron V.

The ONEUS boys returned in new pirate-inspired stage outfits for “Intro: Window” which features the vocals of Choi Ye Lim, a crossover artist who combines popular music and Korean traditional music, Gugak. Xion took center stage for Ye Lim’s parts and was especially captivating with his graceful movements and long, flowing hair. After “Intro: Window,” just like the BLOOD MOON album tracklist, the performance led right into “LUNA” where the boys and their backup dancers utilized traditional fans in the choreography. They seamlessly transitioned to a remix of “LIT” that heightened the existing traditional Korean instrument sounds in the background and featured various scenes of South Korea on the LED screen behind them.

Keonhee joked that ONEUS’ version of a South Korea tour in “LIT” saved TO MOONs money on flights to South Korea. Meanwhile, Hwanwoong bragged that they gave TO MOONs a free Korean lesson with the phrase “얼쑤, 얼쑤 (eolssu, eolssu).” Xion briefly went off stage to remove his long hair and Leedo once again shed his sparkly jacket. Returning in his short hair, Xion shared he originally was not going to sport his long locks, but heard that TO MOONs enjoyed it so he wanted to do something special for his fans. However, Xion felt that Hwanwoong should try it out this time so the members mischievously passed around a lock of his hair extensions to see who it would look good on.

Next up were two fan-favorite songs—the sensual yet masculine “Same Scent” followed by “A Song Written Easily” where the members approached the edge of the stage to lead fans in waving their hands along. The members then took song requests from the audience and many shouted “TO BE OR NOT TO BE.” ONEUS obliged and sang a snippet, showing off their live acapella vocals. Xion chose a fan who requested “Dead or Alive” from their fourth mini album LIVED released in 2020. Hilariously, the members forgot how the song went and asked a fan in the audience to sing a part of it to remind them. “Bing Bing,” from their second mini album RAISE US, was hotly requested and the members even confessed they had wanted to include that song on the setlist. 

The members felt like the lead characters out of a romance drama in the emotive, bittersweet “Unforgettable.” Despite the self-deprecating lyrics, the boys made the “Stupid Love” stage fun and bright with cute antics like Hwanwoong giving Xion a piggyback ride for Xion’s part.

As part of their recent album concept, the next VCR told the lore of the ONEUS members as mermaid princes in an ocean of blue light who ventured close to the land to watch the red shadow of a dancing lady. When the dancing lady’s ring fell into the ocean, the members wanted to return it to her but they would not survive “the eternal flame” on land as mermaids. So they decided to give up one of their two hearts to become human so they could go on land to return the ring. However, once they reached the land, they realized they’ve been tricked by a witch that wanted to steal their hearts. As a result, they lost the blue light of the ocean and discovered that the dancing lady was merely a gray statue. 

Cr. Aaron V.

Hwanwoong returned with the backup dancers for the dramatic, blindfolded beginning of “COME BACK HOME.” Complete with lifts and tricks, ONEUS brought fans right back to their “Road to Kingdom” era while sporting sleek black outfits with red accents. They continued to throw it back with “Twilight,” their sophomore title track. 

Tired after the intense choreography and fast footwork of the past two songs, Xion adorably took Hwanwoong’s sports drink and the members requested TO MOONs to give them more energy. TO MOONs obeyed and barked at them to raise their energy levels. With renewed stamina, the members performed the intense songs “Lion Heart” and “Level Up” with the bass reverberating throughout the venue.

Keonhee asked TO MOONs “What is ONEUS good at?” and accidentally misheard the answer “everything” as “sandwiches” and was visibly and adorably confused at first. The members humbly bragged that they were not only good at performances and invited fans to turn on their lightsticks and phone flashlights to listen to their hearts in the upcoming songs. Sitting on chairs, the members performed the laidback “Epilogue” and emotional “Halley’s Comet” complete with harmonization and plenty of fan service. 

In their closing ments, the members expressed gratitude for all the international support they received from TO MOONs that allowed them to stand on that stage. They thanked their staff, their company RBW, and their company juniors NXD for opening the show and asked fans to look forward to their next album and tour. The boys teased that it was sadly time to show their last stages but also slyly told us that it was “not really their last.”

Cr. Aaron V.

For the “final” songs of the night, ONEUS performed the intense, performance-heavy song “Bring It On” with its brassy chorus. They continued with the high-energy “No Diggity” and went all out on the dance break.

As the members went off stage to prepare for the encore, a VCR of “ECHO” played featuring behind-the-scenes footage of the members preparing for the tour. The members came back on stage sporting customized jerseys of the Los Angeles baseball team, the Dodgers, over their tour shirts to perform “Black Mirror.” In “BBUSYEO,” the members freely roamed the stage to interact with fans and used the small moments of silence in the song to exclaim “I love you, LA!”

After taking group photos and proudly displaying the fan event slogan “Life’s sweeter with ONEUS,” they performed the uplifting and sentimental “Life is Beautiful.” To prepare for the “real, real” last song, ONEUS stated that they will come closer to fans and requested TO MOONs to have fun where they currently are as safety comes first. Throughout the finale song, “Shut Up 받고 Crazy Hot!,” the members partied with TO MOONs all over the venue. Prancing up and down the aisles, ONEUS made it rain with bubbles and paper money, accepted fan gifts of fluffy headbands, and took up close videos with TO MOONs’ phones. They treated fans to a short snippet of their pre-debut collaboration song “LAST SONG” with their brother group, ONEWE, with the lyrics yearning “I want to do it again” and “I wanna love you, love you once again” that echoed their sentiment of not wanting the night to end.

ONEUS successfully ended the United States leg of their second world tour on a high note and with promises to return. TO MOONs left the venue buzzing with anticipation for ONEUS’s next album and return to the States with new music and stages.


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