[RECAP] Omega X Radiates Love and Resilience at ‘KEEP GOIN’’ Concert in Los Angeles

On December 10, 11-member powerhouse group Omega X took over the Avalon Hollywood for the last stop of their KEEP GOIN’ tour. The tour marked their first return to the United States since last year’s CONNECT: Don’t give up tour. Now under the banner of their new label, IPQ, Jaehan, Hwichan, Sebin, Hangyeom, Taedong, Xen, Jehyun, Kevin, Junghoon, Hyuk, and Yechan stood proud, ready to showcase their growth over the last year.

Excitement filled the venue as For Xs, the group’s fandom, eagerly waited for the show to begin. VIP ticket holders, having already met the band beforehand, exchanged their meet-and-greet experiences. Others desperately sought to make the most out of the last tour stop, holding up phones with signs asking to buy or trade snapshot tickets for a coveted 1:1 Polaroid with specific members. It was the perfect prelude to what would be a promising night for both Omega X and For X’s long-awaited reunion.

Omega X erupted onto the stage with their explosive tracks, “Louder” and “Icetag,” complemented by contrasting firey and icy graphics. The bombastic opening numbers and clean dance sequences pumped up the audience with electrifying energy as they screamed out the lyrics and fanchants over the pulsating beats. The members enthusiastically greeted the audience and were rewarded with waves of overwhelming cheers. Yechan explained that, like the title of their tour, they returned because of the overwhelming amount of passion and energy that they received at last year’s tour. And now, they are here to return the favor, “We are going to give YOU the energy today!” Yechan declared.

The night unfolded as Omega X continued to blow through their setlist with back-to-back dynamic hits such as “Vamos,” “Love Me Like,” and their self-titled track “Omega X.” Despite performing tracks that truly tested their stamina, the members were energized by the fans’ enthusiastic responses during each song.

While the crowd’s energy intensified as the night went on, the venue became warm and stuffy. After performing “What’s Goin’ On,” the members noticed a fan faint in the audience, immediately pausing the show and asking everyone to take steps back as security jumped in to assist. After the fan was safely escorted out, they turned their attention to the crowd. Jaehan urged everyone to look out for each other and signal if they felt unwell while Sebin emphasized the importance of one’s health. Once they deemed it safe, Omega X took their places to perform their latest release “Junk Food” and the night went on.

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The tour’s theme of perseverance and resilience emerged throughout the night. During a VCR interview segment, the members candidly responded to questions about their inspirations, growth, and motivation on their shared journey. Xen emphasized that he was at the healthiest period of his life, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Despite having different personalities and ambitions, they cited their shared desire to succeed against all odds as the reason behind their strong team synergy. Of course, they also expressed their gratitude for the unwavering support from For Xs for supporting them every step of the way. As the VCR interview came to an end, the members affirmed their commitment to continue down this path together as Omega X.

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Omega X returned to the stage in orange and black coordinated outfits as they launched into their sentimental tracks of the night. “Touch” exuded sweet, gentle vibes as they sang about how a warm touch can ease a tired, anxious heart. Emotions ran high as Omega X followed suit with “Dream.” The heartfelt fan song was composed by Hangyeom with lyrics written by all 11 members, conveying their sincerest gratitude to their fans for making their dreams into reality. At the end of the song, the members joined hands and bowed to the audience. Hyuk, who refused to hold Hangyeom’s hand throughout this entire tour, finally did so, shocking Hangyeom and the other members who yelled out “FINALLY!”

Before moving on to their next stage, Omega X asked the audience to participate in the “Touch Challenge.”  The highly anticipated challenge involved waving their lightsticks to create a mesmerizing green ocean that rippled from the front to the back of the venue every time the group sang the word, “touch.” LA For Xs executed the challenge perfectly and provided a beautiful sentiment to their bond with the group.

In a festive turn, Omega X donned Santa hats, capes, and Rudolph antlers, bringing the holiday spirit to the stage with “12.24.” The soothing B-side track resembled that of a holiday carol as both the members and For X’s sang in unison. Junghoon joked, “If you get lonely on Christmas, call me!” eliciting squeals from the crowd.

Another highlight of the night was when Omega X performed the fan favorite, “Younger.” The nostalgic lyrics behind the emotional rock-pop song express their yearning to return to their childhood, untainted by the hardships they would later face. As the song progresses, it carries their desire to safeguard their childhood dreams and turn them into reality. Before jumping into the song, Xen wanted to set the record straight — “Younger” is not a ballad. Rather than stand in place, Omega X encouraged fans to sing, jump along, and go crazy, creating a lively party atmosphere as the main set came to an end.

Returning shortly afterward in their tour tees and hoodies, Omega X kicked off their encore stage with a bang with “Baila Con OX” and “Take em All.” The latter’s stage in particular was filled with an overwhelming amount of strobe lights. The members, sporting tinted sunglasses, came to the center and performed an OT11 dance break, earning more screams from the audience. After catching their breath, they moved onto their closing ment where they conveyed their utmost gratitude to For Xs. Sebin, thankful for the warm welcome in LA after over a year, shared a sentiment echoed by all the members — they were all a lot happier today than they were the last time they were in LA. Jehyun commented, “Firstly I want to say thank you guys so much for being with us until the end of this tour. I do believe that the reason we were able to come back on this tour was because of all the love that you guys poured out for us on this album and this tour… I promise you I will be back with an even better album next time.” 

Xen highlighted the eventful and happy moments during the tour and how everyone’s energy washed away their fatigue. “And I feel like your energy, For X’s energy and For X’s cheers, truly made those tiring moments seem like nothing. During the fansign, a lot of fans asked me ‘How are you doing?’ And I said that I was not only filled with energy but I feel like I was going to explode with energy.”

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Hangyeom admitted that up until a few months prior, they were unsure if all 11 members could be on stage together and thanked fans for making their dreams come true. Putting on tinted sunglasses, he announced that he had prepared something in English. However, It became blatantly obvious to his fellow members that he was reading a script, and they proceeded to nonchalantly stand in front of him and teasingly block his view from the monitor. Flustered, Hangyeom shooed the members away to the chorus of laughter from the fans and continued, “Because of our FOR X, our album and tour was very successful. Like our tour title ‘KEEP GOIN’,’ please keep going and achieving your dreams.”

In their final moments on stage, Omega X wrapped up their KEEP GOIN’ tour with the rock track “Island,” serenading their fans for the last time on this tour. Overall, the concert served as a testament to the group’s resilience and their fans’ unwavering loyalty. As Omega X embarks on this new chapter, they can be certain that For X will be by their side, cheering them on every step of the way.


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