[RECAP] Monsta X Closes Out their US Tour with Powerful Kia Forum Performance

Cr. Kia Forum Photos/Ashley Osborn

Coming off of nine show-stopping performances across the U.S., Monsta X met their fans in Los Angeles, CA on June 12 to close out their No Limit U.S. Tour. After months of delay, Monbebes (Monsta X fans) were eager to see their boys take the stage at the Kia Forum for their final performance. 

Opening with their powerful pop-rock hit, “Gambler,” Minhyuk, Kihyun, Hyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M took the stage with intense flame visuals that truly set the crowd ablaze. Keeping with the tone, the group kept the energy high with “DRAMARAMA” and “Rush Hour” making the crowd dance and scream to the group’s classic pop hits.

Easily one of the most notable segments of the show were the solo performances. All five members had their time to shine. From Hyungwon’s intricately choreographed “Wildfire to Joohoney’s intense rap vocals on “Voices,” each individual performance was adorned with stunning visuals and sets tailored specifically to highlight each member’s unique vibe. 

For the last portion of the night, the group kept the energy high with bangers such as “Love Killa” and “Beast Mode” before seemingly ending the concert with “Stand Together.” However the crowd knew that this show wasn’t over. After a dramatic countdown timer, Monsta X, now adorned in their tour merch, came out for their coveted encore. Fittingly, they performed an emotional “Love Forever” while bowing and saying thank you to every fan at every angle of the giant Kia Forum arena.

Throughout the night, the group definitely took their time to talk to their Monbebes. Being their last stop of the tour, each and every member  took a more sentimental and emotional tone when speaking to their fans. I.M., touching on his anxiety, said “I’m an idol, but before that I’m just a normal man, just a kid, just a guy. I feel anxious, angry, sad, just like you guys … but with you guys, I can hold it in, I can handle myself … we don’t take it for granted.” 

Cr. Kia Forum Photos/Ashley Osborn

They all touched on how for “their U.S. tours, the last city is always LA” and that this has always been a special place for them and their fans. Minhyuk described their fans saying “if I am a whale then you guys are the ocean… I can swim around and feel alive.” Joohoney’s words definitely resonated with Monbebes’ hearts, “No matter what happens, I want Monsta X and Monbebe to always be remembered in K-Pop.”

Truly, after this grand U.S. Tour and emotion driven last performance, there is no doubt that Monsta X cemented their mark in K-Pop forever and their Monbebes will patiently await their next tour.

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