[RECAP] Legends of Korean Hip-Hop Epik High Give Chicago Fans a Night to Remember

Wednesday, April 3, 2019. Chilly and damp with a light mist enveloping the city, it could have been just another early spring night in Chicago. But it wasn’t. At least not for the thousands of fans who flocked to the House of Blues to spend an evening with one of South Korea’s most beloved hip-hop groups: Epik High.


With a house packed from third balcony to floor, stage to coat check, and excited fans chatting and chanting as they waited for Epik High to take the stage, it would be difficult to guess it was a mid-week show; a fact that was lost completely the second the curtains went up.



The evening opened with a short set by local singer-songwriter, Brittany Campbell. Her smooth vocals and spunky spirit were the perfect way to kick off the night. Interacting with the audience between songs, she had the crowd laughing as much as she had them dancing. She even encouraged fans to sing along before her set wrapped for the night.



With the mood set and the audience eager, it wasn’t long before the dynamic trio that comprise Epik High took the stage and the fans went wild. Opening the evening with the title track “In Seoul,” off their newest album, Sleepless in __________, the trio set the stage for an evening of friendly banter and fantastic music. Moving seamlessly into “No Thanxxx,” Epik High took the crowd from excited to hyped in a matter of minutes. The welcome they received in return was overwhelming.



Playing to an ecstatic crowd, the legends of Korean hip-hop delivered a show none will soon forget. With nearly two decades of music to their name, the trio brought fans what they really wanted, a night full of good times, great music, and the smooth delivery of the experience. Performing tracks such as “Eternal Sunshine,” “Love Love Love,” “Home is Far Away,” “Kill This Love,” “High Technology,” and “New Beautiful” there was something for everyone, be they new fans or old.



Knowing their fans were there for a good time, the adored trio, Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz, delivered not only with their music but with their banter. Taking time to talk to their fans about life, their tour, how much they love Chicago, and how much more they love their fans, this trio of entertainers kept the crowd laughing and jumping to their beats.


With a show this fun, time flew by. Long before anyone was ready, Tablo introduced the last song of the evening. At the end of an incredible night, fans anticipated the encore that was soon to follow. And follow it did.



Closing out the evening with “Born Hater” and “Don’t Hate Me,” the House of Blues crowd was happier than ever. Singing and dancing along, Epik High fans in Chicago closed out the night with a party of epic proportions, leaving their beloved trio in no doubt of their affections.

Needless to say, this was a night that will live on in people’s memories for a long, long time.




Written & Photographed by: Leah W.

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