[RECAP] KARD Rings the Alarm for ‘2022 WILD KARD TOUR’ in Atlanta

Cr. Solita D.

On Sunday, August 14, KARD stopped at the Coca-Cola Roxy in Atlanta on their highly-anticipated comeback U.S. tour presented by MyMusicTaste. It had been two years since the co-ed K-pop group had toured the United States due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, the group released their fourth EP, Red Moon, as well as their first single album, Way with Words, before the group’s rapper, J.Seph, enlisted for his mandatory military service in 2020. Now united and ready to resume activities, the group awakened Hidden KARDs with their fifth EP, RE: on June 22, 2022, sparking heavy anticipation for their comeback with their lead track “Ring the Alarm.”

Cr. Solita D.

Atlanta Hidden KARDs began lining up at the venue hours before the concert even started. Stylish concertgoers could be seen wearing head-to-toe KARD merchandise and taking selfies in front of the tour poster displayed on the venue marquee. Fans were welcomed inside by a flurry of activity and whispers of excitement. Some fans made a dash for the merchandise station while others settled in to wait for the concert to begin. Fans were more than ready to dive into the KARD universe when Somin, J.Seph, BM, and Jiwoo finally took the stage. As the group played songs from their first mini album Hola Hola, fans were overcome with a sense of nostalgia. With a roaring start, “Oh NaNa” had the audience jumping out of their seats. KARD is best described by the infectious energy they exude on every stage set, from their signature choreography to the seamless transitions from one track to the next with “Don’t Recall” and “Hola Hola.” After their grand entrance, the members took some time to thank the audience who had come to see them.

Jiwoo was the first to greet everyone. “You guy’s missed us a lot, right? We’ve missed you as well. While you guys were waiting for us, we knew you were wanting to watch us too.” Fans could be heard responding with shouts of “We’ve missed you!” BM continued the momentum, “The last time we were here was 2019… We’ve had a tough past 2 to 3 years, no? But we’re finally here. So let’s party tonight!” In response to enthusiastic applause from the crowd, J.Seph kindly acknowledged their enthusiasm by nodding his head. “Are you guys enjoying our performances so far? We’re also watching you guys as well!” “Since we are now healthy and able to see each other again,” Somin added, “we can now jump and have a lively performance!”

Throughout the concert, KARD consistently delivered powerful energy through an arsenal of powerful tunes that astounded both longtime listeners and newcomers. The four talented members were not only able to shine on their own but also come together to create an incredible group dynamic.

When it came time for solos, BM was the first to take the stage. He featured songs from his single The First Statement starting with tracks such as “13IVI” and “Body Movin,” which got the audience moving and grooving to the dance beat. The stage showcased a vibrant neon cityscape that set the tone for his performance. Next, Jiwoo’s solo was equally impressive as she gave a fresh interpretation of “My Medicine” by The Pretty Reckless. The rock instrumentation served as a backdrop without detracting from her singing, letting her put her stamp on the song. Her mellow and uniquely gruff voice and increased power in the final verse kept the crowd enthusiastic. Lastly, Somin and J.Seph took the stage together to perform a cover of Camila Cabello’s “Bam Bam” set against a summery, vibrant backdrop of orange, teal, and blue. The pair performed with a lighthearted spirit that captured the song’s essence while the audience swayed to the melody.

More upbeat singles like “Go Baby” and the latest single “Ring the Alarm” kept the party at the Roxy going strong. During a brief intermission, the group proposed holding a competition between shows to see which city could cheer the loudest. When BM started the “cheer-off,” the other band members followed suit, showing as much liveliness as Hidden KARDs. Regaining the audience’s attention, the members continued their emotional speech about how much they valued this tour.

“Don’t let your standards and your ambitions steal you those little beautiful moments that you can have gratitude for…It’s as important as things are to look forward to, sometimes you gotta look back and see how far you’ve come.”


“This round of tour was so special to us, me in particular, that we could be in the moment this time around. Past tours before there was an unseen, unconscious fear and uncertainty whether or not our best would be accepted as rookies,” BM says, as the fans fell silent in thoughtful anticipation of his next message, “But this time around it’s really a blessing that we can vibe with you guys and feel the emotions with each and every one of you tonight. So the message here is this: Don’t let your standards and your ambitions steal you those little beautiful moments that you can have gratitude for…It’s as important as things are to look forward to, sometimes you gotta look back and see how far you’ve come.” During their speeches, it was clear how much admiration and affection the group shared for their passionate fans.

Cr. Solita D.

The audience roared for an encore near the end of the show. The entire crowd jumped to their feet and sang along when they were rewarded with the quartet’s smash hit, “Dumb Litty.” From concertgoers to venue staff, everyone had a great time dancing the night away to KARD’s performance. Each member contributed greatly to the group’s success, and their incredible characteristics allowed them to shine on their own. It was such a fantastic show, we can’t wait to see what else KARD has in store for us in the future.


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