[RECAP] K-Town Turns Up for Jay Park x Won Soju US Launch Party

Cr. Ericka P.

After successfully launching his brand in Korea, singer-songwriter and entrepreneur Jay Park is bringing Won Soju to the United States!

On Sunday, September 10, K-Town became a hotbed of activity as celebrities and influencers flocked to Intercrew restaurant and lounge to attend Jay Park’s private Won Soju U.S. launch party. He first launched the brand in February 2022 where it made waves in the domestic Korean market for being a healthier alternative to other name-brand spirits. As a premium soju brand, Won Soju is made with zero preservatives, sweeteners, or chemicals and only consists of water, yeast, alcohol, and the finest rice from the city of Wonju, South Korea. Its first-ever pop-up event in Seoul drew a crowd of over 30,000 to the Hyundai Seoul store and sold 20,000 bottles in its first week of release, 4 million in its first six months, and 6 million by its first year anniversary. Now, Jay Park aims to globalize soju by entering the U.S. spirit market.

Cr. Ericka P.

“Won Soju and I look to spearhead the K-liquor culture in the U.S. and eventually globally. We are excited to bring the traditional all-natural premium ‘soju’ to the new audience around the world.”

– Jay Park

The LA launch party immersed attendees in the full VIP experience. A mini red carpet and members of the media welcomed actors, musicians, influencers, and other A-listers to the party before they went inside and joined in on the festivities. Inside, attendees helped themselves to complimentary hors d’oeuvres and specialty cocktails such as the refreshing Lychee Fizz (fresh lychee shrub, fresh lime juice, and lemon-lime fizz) and the sweet Srawberry-Won (strawberry syrup, orgeat, and fresh lime juice). Supercool Creamery’s artisans put on a show by using liquid nitrogen to flash-freeze ingredients into creating Soju-infused ice cream flavors right before guests’ eyes. Additionally, a self-serve ramen station with bean sprouts, sweet corn, and a tower of Won Soju-labeled ramen cups kept attendees fueled and fed throughout the night.

Cr. Ericka P.

The second floor offered a quiet getaway from the bustling main floor with its own bar area and quiet seating areas tucked away in the corners. At the very back, attendees queued up to select their choice of complimentary Won Soju swag — a black Won Soju x Vandy t-shirt, a personalized Won Soju x Vandy trucker hat with their name embroidered on the side, or a personalized Won Soju box set with their name etched onto the soju bottles.

On the performance stage, DJ Zo kept the audience engaged with his eclectic mix of iconic K-Pop hits. From Jungkook’s “Seven” to NewJeans’ “Super Shy,” he had everyone on their feet and moving to the beat. 

The evening’s special performances began with an impressive beatbox performance by KRNFX followed by Year of The Ox. Both acts hyped up the crowd and gave big shotuouts to Won Soju and Jay Park before the star of the night took his rightful place on stage.

Jay Park kicked things off with feel-good tracks “Solo” and “Iffy” which had the audience swaying along to the melodies. The atmosphere then shifted as the crowd went wild for “K-TOWN,” a hip-hop-centric track that also was a nod to the launch party’s location. For his grand finale, Jay Park closed out his set with a bang with his most iconic track, “MOMMAE,” sending everyone into a frenzy as they danced and sang along to the song’s sensual lyrics. 

In the middle of his set, Jay Park seized the opportunity to proudly share his ultimate vision for his brand, “Our goal and our dream [is] to have soju next to tequila, to whisky, to vodka, to gin, and have it be as notable as sake.” Won Soju is now available in over 100 restaurants, liquor stores, and supermarkets across the United States and is also available for online purchase on TIPXY and Woorisoul.

The U.S. is just the first stop in Jay Park’s vision for Won Soju. The brand plans to continue to expand into other overseas markets such as Hong Kong, Thailand, Canada, and Germany. Be sure to follow Won Soju on social media to keep up with news and updates on the brand’s global domination, one bottle at a time.


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