[RECAP] (G)I-DLE Captivates Viewers with Stunning Online Concert

(G)I-DLE’s Online Concert ‘I-LAND: WHO AM I’ was the definition of impeccable showmanship. According to Cube Entertainment’s metrics, a total of 11,000 viewers tuned in to watch the sextet’s first-ever solo concert. In our exclusive interview with the (G)I-DLE prior to the show, the members shared that while it was upsetting they couldn’t meet their NEVERLAND fanbase directly, they were glad that they could still attend and enjoy their show from the safety of their own homes.

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(G)I-DLE made their grand entrance with NEVERLAND fandom favorites, powerful anthem “LION” and moombahton track “HANN (Alone).” The group’s magnetic charisma was amplified by the surreal floor-to-ceiling LED displays projecting the group into their grandiose ‘I-LAND.’ “We have prepared a lot of attractive performances and glamorous stages,” Soyeon had told us in our exclusive interview. “I want you to feel as if you are watching a movie.” While virtual concerts lack the intimacy and artist-fan engagement that an in-person concert usually provides, (G)I-DLE’s online concert enhanced the audience’s experience by exploring new avenues in virtual connectivity.

After their phenomenal grand opening, Soyeon, Miyeon, Soojin, Minnie, Yuqi, and Shuhua officially welcomed everyone to their first-ever solo concert. English, Japanese, and Chinese subtitles were provided for the stream and the members continuously gave shout outs in other foreign languages for their international viewers. The use of multicam integration allowed the audience to pick and choose whom they would want to follow during their performances. Of course, the girls were a bundle of nerves and excitement (Soojin even shared that she couldn’t sleep the night before,) but were eager to showcase all that they had prepared for their inaugural concert. 

(G)I-DLE continued the show with back-to-back performances of “Maze,” “What’s Your Name,” and “$$$.” While a VCR entertained the audience, the girls quickly changed outfits and returned onstage within minutes to perform “Blow Your Mind” and “Senorita.” Taking a break after their five-song set, the girls discussed their preparations leading up to tonight’s show before moving forward to the much anticipated solo stages. 

One by one, each member took their turn onstage and had a solo performance that uniquely highlighted their individuality. First up was the vocal line’s individual stages. Main vocalist Minnie took the lead and showcased her versatile range with her rendition of Charlotte Lawrence’s “Why Do You Love Me.” Then, Yuqi belted out her husky powerhouse vocals with Pink’s “What About Us.” Following suit was fellow main vocalist Miyeon’s honey-sweet voice with her cover of Rihanna’s “What Now.” The vocal line (now dubbed as “PuppyPup”) then came together for a jaw-dropping performance of Rihanna’s “Kiss It Better,” filled with sinfully beautiful harmonies.

Maknae Shuhua’s delicate ribbon dance showed off her elegant beauty while Soojin’s alluring choreography to a remix of Shaed’s “Trampoline” awed fans with her strong stage presence. Wrapping up the special stages was Soyeon’s performance to David Guetta’s “Hey Mama,” which truly allowed her flaming charisma and confidence to shine. 

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Returning to the stage in pure white dresses, (G)I-DLE bewitched the audience with a spine-chilling performance of “Put it Straight (Nightmare Version).” The stage plated off the slow melancholic versus by shrouding the girls in red ambient light before throwing them into the midst of a thunderstorm at the climatic chorus. The dark narrative continued with the haunting vocals in “Oh My God” before bringing up the mood again with their funky set closer, “Luv U.” 

(G)I-DLE continued to surprise their fans with never-before-seen performances. “Maybe” from the group’s latest EP ‘I Trust’ made its live performance debut at the concert. Befitting the synth pop/EDM track, the stage turned into a colorful light show. Backup dancers wielding LED rods enhanced their hard-hitting choreography. Pulling out all stops, fans were graced with the first-ever live performance of K/DA’s “POP/STARS” with all six (G)I-DLE members. 

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A sweet moment of the night was when pre-recorded fanchants were incorporated into (G)I-DLE’s live performance. In the days leading up to the concert, A ‘LATATA’ Fanchant Event’ posted on the group’s official SNS called for fans to record themselves belting out the debut track’s official fanchants. The surprise fanchants visibly caught the girls off guard and they beamed in gratitude. It had been so long since they heard NEVERLAND’s voices that it gave them extra spunk in their steps for the duration of the performance. 

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With the show coming to an end, the (G)I-DLE members changed gears for a self-cam performance of “Uh-Oh” while sporting their exclusive ‘I-LAND’ tour merch, each customized to reflect their individual styles and personalities. For the final send-off, (G)I-DLE gifted the fans with a performance of their unreleased fan song, “i’M THE TREND.” Composed by both Minnie and Yuqi, the quirky track’s chorus included several mentions of their own songs such as LION, LATATA, Maze, Blow Your Mind, and more. For those that missed out, the track will be released on July 7 at 6PM (KST).

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Captivating performances, top tier stage production, and unmatched showmanship are just a few words to describe the two-hour event. Fans took to social media to leave positive messages full of love and appreciation for the group. KPC caught up with members of K-Pop dance cover team, EKHO, to get their take on the event. 

What was the virtual concert like from your own perspective? Did it meet your expectations?

Abbey: The whole concert exceeded my expectations. It felt like we were in-person watching it. All the stages for each of their performances were absolutely amazing. It had some technical difficulties, which was quickly fixed but galdy, it didn’t happen while they were performing.

Jillian: Yes, it exceeded my expectations because it felt like an in-person concert. I was expecting it to feel more like watching music show clips. The concert format translated perfectly to a livestream. There were some technical problems, but as a whole the stream went very well. 

Shelby: The concert definitely exceeded my expectations! The girls put so much effort and thought into their performances, especially their solo stages, and the final song, “i’M THE TREND,” was so cute! There were some technical issues, but overall it was definitely worth staying up late to watch!

Tran: The concert definitely exceeded my expectations. KCON was the only online concert I’ve seen, so I did not expect too much. It was so much cooler as it really felt like I was seeing them in person. The special effects/backgrounds and outfits were so onpoint. (G)I-DLE surprised me in every way they could. 

What was the most memorable performance of the show?

Abbey: I would say the last song that stuck out to me which is “i’M THE TREND.” Since it’s their first time performing it, I fell in love right the second they mentioned most of their title songs in it. And it was easy to sing along with by the end of it.

Jillian: I was excited to see “POP/STARS” because I wasn’t expecting it. I love seeing the complex stages with backup dancers, and it’s just a really fun song. I also loved the solo stages, particularly from the vocalists. It’s amazing to hear them sing songs of their choice that really show off their vocal abilities.

Shelby: I think the performance that struck out the most to me was “POP/STARS” with all six of the members, because it was a performance I’ve been hoping would happen ever since the original song came out! The vocal line performance also really stood out to me. They all really got a chance to show off their vocals here in a way that they don’t always get the chance to do so.

Tran: “Put It Straight (Nightmare Version)” is my favorite, but the fansong composed by Minnie and Yuqi was the most memorable performance.

(G)I-DLE has been a group that you’ve covered dances in the past. How has the group made an impact on you and your dancing?

Abbey: (G)I-DLE has always been my favorite to do dance covers with. With every comeback or stage performance, they bring out their own uniqueness. I admired how versatile they are as performers. And this is what I’ve been working on since I started dancing and joined a K-Pop team. As part of growing as a dancer, they helped me bring out their uniqueness in me.

Jillian: (G)i-DLE was the first K-Pop group I felt really comfortable covering. In my opinion, their dance style is fairly unusual in the K-Pop world. It’s a bit softer and smoother than most other girl groups, which feels a lot better for me personally than sharp precise movements. I also like how much they use their arms in elegant, flowing motions. Covering (G)I-DLE helped me to pinpoint a style  of dance I really enjoy doing.

Shelby: Yes, I’ve actually covered “LATATA” and “Senorita” with my college dance team, as well as part of “Put it Right” and part of “Luv U” on my own personal Youtube channel. Some of their dances have pushed me out of my comfort zone, which has been helpful for me to grow as a dancer. An example is “Put It Straight,” for me that style is completely different from what I’m used to, so learning it was a challenge. In the end though, I’m happy with how it turned out!

Tran: Yes, I was never a fan of girly choreography, but (G)I-DLE’s dancing style is very unique. Songs like “Uh Oh” had such good choreography where it shows the members’ SWAG. I just had to learn it. Now I’m very interested in a SWAG yet smooth dancing style like “Uh Oh.” It fits with who I am.

Update: The article was updated to include official show metrics, courtesy of Cube Entertainment.

Written by: Ericka P. and Kayla C.

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