[RECAP] GEMINI’s “Still Blue” Tour Brings Soulful R&B Vibes to Los Angeles

Cr. Yuna J.

Fresh off of his New York show and exclusive interview with us, GEMINI took his Still Blue” North American Tour featuring DJ and producer FALLENS to Downtown Los Angeles, CA on Wednesday, March 22. Selling out the gritty warehouse venue, 1720, GEMINI and 700 of his fans worked together to create an intimate, high-energy night of performances.

GEMINI made his debut in 2020 with the single “Going under the agency AT AREA, founded by the producing and composing duo, GroovyRoom. He has since collaborated with various artists such as Big Naughty and labelmate MIRANI and released his first EP Inside Out in 2021. Last year marked the release of his second EP, Still Blue, the namesake of this tour.

Before the first official opening act, DJ and music producer JONUM came on stage to play his own set featuring popular American songs like Doja Cat’s “Get into It (Yuh) and proudly declared “I made this” for his self-produced tracks. Confidently strutting on stage, CLUB BOYBND, the Toronto-based duo consisting of members Justin and Roc Lee, performed a couple of songs including two of their released singles “kiss me thru the phone” and “like this” (available on Spotify). While waiting for staff to resolve technical difficulties, CLUB BOYBND chatted with the crowd and shared how their first impression meeting GEMINI was that “wow, this man is sexy,” which the crowd agreed heartily with. Upon resolving the sound issues, they finished their energetic set where highlights included spraying the crowd with water at the beat drops and Justin giving wholesome shoutouts to his girlfriend who was in attendance. CLUB BOYBND also brought on local artists, semmi and swimcoach, to perform their respective unreleased music. In their collaborative stages, CLUB BOYBND and their guests proudly represented independent musicians and successfully hyped up the crowd for the next act.

FALLENS took the stage for his set that consisted of popular American, Korean, and Latin songs including Jay Park’s “Mommae,” Nelly’s “Hot in Herre and pH-1’s “Malibu.” The crowd sang and danced along to FALLEN’s remixes as the anticipation for GEMINI grew. Right at 8PM, FALLENS seamlessly transitioned from his set to the intro of the trancey “Love is Banned” from GEMINI’s Still Blue album. GEMINI emerged onstage and the crowd enthusiastically welcomed him and sang along to the addictive refrain. After singing “Bad,” GEMINI introduced himself and adorably complained that Los Angeles was colder than he expected but suggested that we “make it hot” together.

Next was the more laidback song “Do Me Right where he gave high-fives to lucky members of the crowd and stuck his middle finger out for the cheeky “fuck you” outro. At the climax of the “Rollercoaster,” GEMINI continued the playful mood and sprayed water over the crowd. Upon completion of the song, fans took advantage of the silence to bark fervently at the artist. Pleasantly taken aback, GEMINI shyly introduced his next song “Mon Amour and added fan-made bracelets to his wrists while he leaned against the barricade and sang the lyrics “close to you right now.”

GEMINI led the crowd to wave their arms along to Hola and did a shy little dance to “Inside Out.” For She Lives in Paris,” he changed the lyrics from “Paris” to “L.A.” and ended the song by leading chants like “Say L.A.! Say FALLEN! Say GEMINI” for fans to repeat after him. GEMINI showed off his live vocals with his ad-libs in “UFO and, despite issues with his in-ear monitors, flawlessly completed Making Love and “1,2,3.”

Cr. Yuna J.

For the fan-favorite song “Naked,” GEMINI nonchalantly unbuttoned his shirt to the saucy lyrics “I love you better naked,” showing off his abs and eliciting deafening screams from the crowd. Covering every inch of the stage, GEMINI teased fans with his coy “thrusting” dance moves, scandalously timed to reflect the word “fucking” in the lyrics. Introducing his debut song “Going” as his favorite, GEMINI did a little cha cha dance step and completed the song a capella, again demonstrating his vocal abilities.

In addition to his solo music, GEMINI continued to perform his collaboration tracks including “MIA (Feat. CAMO, WOODZ)” and “Trip” with Jay Park. Although the featured artists were not present, GEMINI filled their absence by covering their parts or lifting his microphone to the crowd for the crowd to sing along.

Cr. Yuna J.

Slowing things down, GEMINI brought out a microphone stand for the emotional “Know Me” and “More & More.” He even decorated his mic stand with a blue, purple, and magenta flag, representing the bisexual community, that was tossed on stage by a fan earlier in the show. For his final song, GEMINI sang “A place we used to go” where fans turned on their phone flashlights in support, lighting up the entire venue. After he finished the song, GEMINI promptly exited the stage with a quick “thank you for coming and bye-bye.”

Unsatisfied by the premature departure, fans barked and chanted for an encore stage. Just as quickly as he left, GEMINI returned for the encore stage of “Broken Love and reached out to high-five fans’ outstretched hands, posed for photos, and completed hand hearts with as many fans as possible. Before he left the stage for the final time, he signed some albums for fans and posed for the group photo while holding the flag.

Even though his set was only an hour long, GEMINI thoroughly impressed fans with his excellent live vocals, fan interactions, and shy (yet sexy) dance moves. The Still Blue stop in Los Angeles showcased budding, independent artists like CLUB BOYBND and gave fans a night filled to the brim with energy and talent. Despite it being his first North American tour, GEMINI sold out both his California shows and is no doubt well on his way to performing in bigger venues with both old and new fans.


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