[RECAP] Everglow Slays at the Final “All My Girls” Show in Los Angeles

Cr. Ericka P.

On Wednesday, November 22, Everglow successfully wrapped up their All My Girls US tour at The Wiltern in Los Angeles. This night marked their first solo concert in Los Angeles as their previously scheduled 2020 Everlasting tour, had to be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The All My Girls tour, named after their fourth and most recent single album, is also the group’s return as a full unit after a two-year hiatus as a group, with members Yiren and Aisha taking a break to be with family and health issues. For this tour, Aisha had to wear an arm cast due to a bone fracture injury during show preparations but still insisted on participating in the tour.

Everglow officially entered the K-Pop scene in 2019, with members Yiren, Sihyeon, and Onda already made known to the public through the girl group survival competition shows Produce 48” and “Idol School.” Immediately upon debut, the six-member girl group captured international audiences with their catchy, energetic track “Bon Bon Chocolat,” flawless visuals, and stage presence. 

Cr. Ericka P.

The girls entered the stage with a powerful dance performance to lead into the song “FIRST” where Forevers, the official fan club name of Everglow, screamed ecstatically along to the signature “Everglow” tag at the beginning of their song. Next was their recent comeback “Slay,” made complete with Forevers joining in on the catchy lyrics of “crazy, sexy, cool.” Despite only being able to move one arm, Aisha did not miss a single beat and slayed the sultry, floor choreography to “Player.”

Following the opening stages, the girls caught their breaths, wiped their sweat, and excitedly greeted their LA Forevers. After nine shows, the girls marveled at how tonight was already their last concert in the US. They thanked fans for singing along loudly to their song “LA DI DA” at their recent appearance at KCON LA 2023. As they prepared a lot of stages, the girls were ready and determined to tear up the stage. Proceeding with the show, the girls performed “No Lie” and “Pirate,” with fans getting hyped at the cult favorite lyrics “shiver me timbers” sung by E:U.

Onda confessed they had a hard time choosing songs for the setlist because they knew there were a lot of songs that the fans loved. Fulfilling their fans’ wishes, they performed two popular B-sides, “DON’T ASK DON’T TELL” and “Don’t Speak,” showing off their more feminine and lighthearted charms while still making the crowd go wild with their cute but sexy dance moves. Forevers expressed their delight by barking and then absolutely lost it when the familiar clapping intro to “DUN DUN” played. Forevers amplified the chorus with their chants and supported Mia wholeheartedly during her dance solo.

Sweating and panting, E:U joked that her concept today was a wet hairstyle but with how much she was sweating, she claimed she didn’t even have to wet her hair. Sihyeon calmed down the excited crowd as it was now time to slow it down. With stools on stage, the girls got to their positions and teased fans to guess what the next song was. Trolling the girls, Forevers answered “Adios,” a notably not chill and slow song, and Everglow joked back by telling them to “hush.” The girls delivered a performance of “Hush” on the stools and then stood up with their handheld mics for one of their favorite songs from their recent album, “Oh Ma Ma God.” They looked angelic under the white, pristine lighting and treated fans to some choreography in the second half of the song.

Members Onda, E:U, Yiren, and Aisha led the fans in another cheering contest but sweetly asked permission first to ensure the fans’ throats would be okay. Onda cutely exclaimed that it was her dream to hear the cheers of Forevers and Yiren pretended to be knocked over by the cheers. It was now time for some super special stages that were prepared especially for this tour. Unfortunately, Aisha did not participate in the upcoming stages because of her arm injury.

Cr. Ericka P.

The unit stages commenced with Shiyeon performing “Love on Top” by Beyonce and Mia, donning a lace blindfold, performing a vocal and dance cover of “I Shot Cupid” by Stella Cole. Yiren, E:U, and Onda re-entered the stage for a dance cover of “Physical” by Dua Lipa. The next special segment they performed was a “K-Pop Cover Dance” stage where the girls performed the point choreography for “Super Shy” by New Jeans, “Queencard” by (G) I-DLE, “Super” by Seventeen, and “Boombayah” by Blackpink. Aisha rejoined the girls on stage and shared that although she couldn’t participate, she watched backstage and danced along.

Next, was a special “Dancing with Everglow” segment where E:U taught the crowd the “DUN DUN” choreography and everyone completed the challenge together. After the fun segments, it was time for stages that offered a different vibe of Everglow. As the girls were getting into position for “Moon,” a stage known for its utilizing chairs in the choreography, a fan loudly shouted “Aisha, be careful!” in Korean and made Aisha chuckle at the fan’s sincere outburst of concern. The girls performed the sexy and complex choreography of “Moon” with ease and left fans barking for more as the instrumental for “Make Me Feel” played. Having cleared the stage of the chairs, the girls came back to perform the fun, bouncy track “Untouchable.” 

Cr. Ericka P.

Sadly, it was now time to close out the show. The members asked “What time is it?” and Forevers cheekily responded with “7:30!” Shiyeon played along and asked if we should restart the concert in that case. The girls assured that they would meet with Forevers again and were determined to finish off the show with happy vibes. As one more surprise event, the girls invited the crowd to do the “LA DI DA” sing-along challenge to Yiren’s popular “Everglow, forever let’s go” line. After completing the challenge, the girls performed “LA DI DA” and then “Company,” which was prepared and performed live for the first time specifically for the tour as a gift for Forevers. For the final stage, the girls performed “Adios” and Forevers danced and loudly sang along, unwilling to have the night end.

The girls exited the stage and fans immediately began chanting “Everglow” to call the girls back for an encore. Reentering the stage donning their black tour t-shirts, they performed the sweet ballad “Back Together” with mic stands. In their final ments, the girls addressed how they were sad that they couldn’t finish their concert in Los Angeles last time due to Covid-19 but were very happy to be back in LA. Many of the girls also expressed their gratitude for their fellow members being able to finish the tour healthily. Onda teared up when thanking Forevers for being a part of this chapter of her life and Yiren thanked Forevers for being the light in her life.

Cr. Ericka P.

The girls performed their debut song “Bon Bon Chocolat and during the ending of the song, the girls grabbed baskets filled with personally signed colorful plastic balls and threw them into the audience for lucky fans to catch. They did an encore performance of “LA DI DA” as their final performance and throughout the stage, the girls interacted with fans and joyously received stuffed animals and donned character headbands and bracelets from fans. Struggling to say goodbye, the girls lingered on stage and waved to the LA Forevers who patiently waited and were already screaming for their return.

After a two-year hiatus as a group and unfortunate circumstances that canceled their Los Angeles show three years ago, LA Forevers were ecstatic to finally see Everglow at their very own concert. Echoing the members’ sentiment, Forevers wishes nothing more than for the girls to stay healthy and return with new music and performances soon.


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