[RECAP] DAVII Makes Enchanting Concert Debut at Rolling Hall

DAVII and Blue.D performing at Rolling Hall in South Korea
Cr. ALLWAYS label

Fans lined up to see singer-songwriter DAVII at his first-ever solo concert. Held on March 26 at the Rolling Hall in Hongdae, the concert emitted a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere that attracted a diverse audience of all ages and backgrounds, locals and foreigners, alike. Once the time arrived for the audience to enter and take their seats, the crowd made their way down the stairs to enter Rolling Hall’s intimate venue filled with string lights, a screen displaying DAVII’s photo, and his most popular tracks playing through the speakers. Before taking their seats, the staff gifted fans with a pamphlet, a finger light, and a customized mask displaying DAVII’s face. 

After moments of anticipation and a brief video regarding Covid-19 safety measures, the lights dimmed and the screen rolled up to unveil DAVII delicately playing the piano intro to “Beast, Beauty.” Soft vocals surrounded by beautiful echoes filled the room as the audience melted and swayed to the gentle melody. Once the song came to an end, the stage lights changed to purple as the background displayed a scene of falling stars. With another sentimental piano opening, DAVII began playing the emotionally jarring “이 노래가 (Regret).” The track highlighted DAVII’s vocal stability and range as he gracefully hit each of the notes both with power and ease.

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Following, DAVII raised from his seat to take place in front of a standing mic for “Navigation.” The background resembled the night sky with a large full moon and dark framing leaves to compliment the opening lines, “The moon is shining brightly / There’s a full moon today.” The track highlighted his smooth and sensual vocals as he sang of loneliness and the desperation for his love to return.

The lights faded from a sensual purple to a solemn blue as DAVII began “That’s the way it goes.” A piano began as the background displayed soft, flowing waves and the sound of a heartbeat filled the venue. From the beginning of the track DAVII provided a sensual, full bodied ballad, emphasizing his vocal range and ability to share raw emotion with the crowd. The use of an acoustic guitar emphasized the sentimental lyrics as he discusses love and heartbreak.

DAVII and Blue.D performing at Rolling Hall in South Korea
Cr. ALLWAYS label

Following the track, DAVII took a moment to ask about the state of the crowd, introduce his new album , ?=2 Today, and present his first guest of the night, Blue. D. A singer and YouTuber formerly under YG Entertainment, Blue. D took the time to introduce herself as DAVII filled two glasses with wine. The two shared laughter and a few sips before transitioning into their first song. The crowd silenced after being overtaken by the mesmerizing piano introduction for “Teddy Bear.” The combination of DAVII’s versatile voice and Blue. D’s delicate, yet powerful refrains created a serious, yet graceful ensemble. The two worked well, bouncing off of each other’s verses and energy, displaying great chemistry.

The lights transformed into a mysterious red tone as the two geared up for their duet of “Fever” from DAVII’s album Don’t Play Me Love. For this segment of the show, a member of DAVII’s staff took over on the piano, allowing for DAVII to fully immerse himself in the lyrical performance. The track consisted of powerful vocals as DAVII and Blue.D sang the enticing lyrics expressing thoughts of temptation and desire. 

The background reverted back to a lighter color and displayed silhouettes of palm trees in preparation for “비도 오고 그래서.” The performance highlighted DAVII’s ability to consistently engulf the audience with emotional riffs and elegant harmonies. Marking her last song of the segment, Blue.D said her goodbyes, leaving a lone DAVII on the stage to introduce his next guest. 

With a smile taking up his entire face, DAVII announced the next performer to accompany him would be his friend, guitarist Kay Brown. The crowd erupted with giggles as DAVII looked around the stage only to discover the absence of his guest. While waiting for the arrival of his friend, he poured himself a drink and curiously called out, “Brownie?” Kay Brown emerged from the back corner of the stage resulting in laughter from both the crowd and DAVII. DAVII then left the stage to showcase a solo performance from guitarist Kay Brown, and without missing a beat he graced the crowd with an elaborate electric guitar solo filled with riffs and vibrant melodies. Following the solo performance, DAVII returned to perform “Jenga” and “Angel.” The duo’s chemistry shined on stage as Kay Brown’s intricate guitar picking complimented DAVII’s swift and stable vocals. They then transitioned into the soft, jazz track “Misty,” emulating a calm, sentimental aura to mark Kay Brown’s last song of the segment. 

Now alone on stage, DAVII began to play the piano before being interrupted by a voice projecting from the back corner of the stage. DAVII looked behind to see his friend Kino of PENTAGON displaying a bright smile and a bouquet of flowers. The two shared friendly laughter as DAVII looked for a place to put his flowers before pouring Kino a glass of wine. After sipping from their glasses, the two serenaded the crowd with  “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You.” The slowed rendition allowed for their individual vocal styles and personalities to come to the forefront. Picking up the intensity, DAVII and Kino stood up and engaged a clapping crowd with “Don’t Play Me Love.” The background of falling glitter and moving lights emphasized the cool, jazzy ensemble. The duo bounced back and forth displaying powerful harmonies and their own individual strengths before the duo’s performance came to a close.

The atmosphere shifted as the lights switched to red, reflecting DAVII’s explosive energy as he moved into “Jamie Cullum.” The crowd swayed and clapped along to the electrifying melody as DAVII proved his jazz niche with his mesmerizing tone and mid song scatting.

DAVII then left the stage to briefly display an uplifting VCR regarding his faith. As the venue briefly went black and silence filled the room, DAVII returned to the stage for his next set. Warm lighting bathed the stage as he sang “Now,” a track expressing his love for Jesus and the new breath of life received once accepting faith into his life.

Flowing into his track, “Untouchable,” DAVII sat behind the piano belting out sweet lyrics of love. With eyes closed, the energy and sentiments seeped from his stage presence to create a warm cloud of emotions. Increasing the energy, DAVII began the magnetic, feel-good track “Good Morning” from his latest album. Feeling the music, he strutted his way around the stage and beckoned the crowd to wave and clap along. Keeping up the energy, he followed with his recent title track, “Goodnight” to represent the feeling after a long day. Blue.D made her way back on stage for “Flying with you.” The majestic melody embodied the feeling of the night as the two shared magical harmonies and light, delicate verses. Once the performance ended, the two waved, said their goodbyes, and left the audience craving for more. 

After moments of chatter amongst the crowd, DAVII returned to the stage for his final performance of the night, a piano version of his track, “Goodnight.” Before beginning the song, he explained that the word “shalom” in the song was a “comfortable way to say goodbye.” Confidently singing the lyrics, he stood up from the piano before making his way down the stairs to meet and high five those around the venue. Full of pure, vibrant energy, DAVII made a point to make the audience feel seen, making eye contact and attempting to touch as many hands as he could. As the performance and the night came to an end DAVII graciously said his goodbyes before departing from the stage.

Despite being his first solo concert, DAVII displayed a high level of professionalism and ability to put on an incredible show. From audience engagement and surprise guest appearances, to showcasing strong vocals and melodies from start to finish, DAVII left fans aching for more. We cannot wait for the next show!

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