[RECAP] Dabin Delivers a Captivating ‘Sanctuary’ Tour Finale At Echostage

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On November 25, the highly anticipated finale show of the Sanctuary tour by Korean Canadian DJ and producer, Dabin, took place at the renowned EDM venue, Echostage D.C. The event was an unforgettable experience for fans in the region, featuring a mesmerizing display of stunning visuals, live performance elements, and exceptional music that captivated the audience throughout the night. 

Dabin’s unique, genre-defying style of rock-infused melodic dubstep has earned him collaborations with some of the biggest names in the industry including Seven Lions, Slander, and Illenium. He has released numerous original tracks and created official remixes for popular games like Valorant and animes such as Demon Slayer, showcasing his exceptional talent and skillful craft. Aside from the tour, Dabin has also been invited to perform at many festivals this year, including the 1MX Music Festival Toronto, Ultra Music Festival Miami, and Head In The Clouds New York. The Sanctuary tour has taken him through multiple cities across North America, including Los Angeles, Toronto, Dallas, and New York City. As part of his preparations, he even curated a “Sanctuary Selects” playlist on Spotify to help his fans get ready for the shows.

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The excitement was palpable around the world-famous Echostage venue as stylishly dressed fans, many wearing their official Dabin merchandise, patiently waited in long lines that extended down the block. Inside, the anticipation was building as two talented openers – local dubstep DJ and producer Layla Noir, and the Colorado EDM duo Last Heroes – took to the stage and delivered their lively and diverse sets. Layla Noir made her Echostage debut with heavy-hitting dubstep beats, while the Last Heroes brought their progressive house music to the stage. The opening performances set the tone for the night, welcoming the crowd as they steadily gathered with unbridled enthusiasm ahead of the main headliners.

Grabbitz, an American producer, composer, and DJ, fueled the energy further with an electrifying performance that showcased his unique combination of rock and EDM music, keeping the audience on their feet throughout the hour-long set. Grabbitz’s live vocals were nothing short of impressive, and his striking background visuals added an extra layer of excitement to the show. He moved around the stage with ease, engaging with fans and making everyone feel like they were part of both an EDM show and a rock concert. The energy in the room continued to build, and Grabbitz’s performance was the perfect warm-up for the night’s main event.

Just after midnight, the crowd erupted into a frenzy of excitement as Dabin and his band members – Grabbitz on guitar and keyboard, and his friend Mason on drums – made their explosive entrance onto the high-rise stage. Coordinated fog and confetti cannons blasted in time to the popular track, “Hollow,” as Dabin joined in with his guitar at the second verse of the song. Fans sang along to every word, jumping and waving their arms, while Dabin’s mascot Harold flashed across the screens in perfect synchronization.

Cr. Sarah P.

The energy in the room skyrocketed as Mason took over with an intense drum solo, followed by a heavy dubstep beat drop that reverberated throughout the venue. Dabin reintroduced the chorus from his keyboard, then returned to his electric guitar to finish out the track as more confetti rained down. With such a powerful opening act, Dabin completely captivated the audience, and fans immediately knew they were in for a thrilling audio-visual journey ahead.

Midway through the set, the venue plunged into darkness as Dabin declared, “Yo, this next one is the song that started it all for me!” Suddenly, the screens came to life with a vibrant tree visualization as the recognizable notes of “Hold (feat. Daniela Andrade)” rang through the speakers. Fog cannons blasted in time to the music when Dabin transitioned from a mid-song guitar solo to a keyboard finale. Fans were ecstatic over the throwback, dancing, and singing along to the iconic song. 

As the night progressed, Dabin took the crowd on a musical voyage through his discography, showcasing a range of songs including “Hero (feat. Olivver the Kid),” “Feel Like (feat. CAPPA),” “Hearts On Fire (ft. Essenger),” and “Holding On (feat. Lowell).” He even played fan favorites like the SLANDER and Seven Lion collaboration, “First Time (feat. Dylan Matthew),” and “Alive (feat. RUNN).” The stage was transformed into an alluring visual spectacle, with stunning video game and anime-inspired graphics across the surrounding LED screens, special lighting effects, and colorful lasers that illuminated the entire venue. The live band element intensified the overall performance through intricate guitar riffs, powerful drum solos, and even a vocal accompaniment from friend and fellow DJ, Grabbitz. Dabin skillfully navigated the decks, seamlessly transitioning from one instrument to the next throughout the night while boosting the crowd’s energy with every song.

Finishing the set with his 2023 hit, “Worlds Away (feat. Trella),” the audience was showered in a celebratory display of confetti. The venue was flooded by a kaleidoscope of flashing lights and lasers as more fog blasted through. Emotions reached an all-time high and Dabin’s energy was infectious as he bounced around the stage, fully immersed in the music. 

Rounding out the final moments of the Sanctuary tour, Dabin was overwhelmed with gratitude, “I didn’t expect a lot of people tonight following a major [U.S.] holiday, but you all showed up! I can’t thank you enough for being here!” he said in closing. When the concert came to an end, he took the opportunity to acknowledge fans along the barrier – greeting and connecting with them through smiles, high fives, and hand hearts. He then invited his bandmates to pose for a group photo with the audience. Finally, Dabin gave a farewell wave, and the crowd erupted into thunderous cheers and chants for an encore as he slowly departed the stage.

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The enthusiastic audience fell deep into the sonic journey of the Sanctuary tour, singing, dancing, and getting lost in a night of music and good vibes. Dabin’s live band component was a perfect addition to the show, adding a new dimension to his music that was both powerful and emotional. Every aspect of the performance was carefully crafted to create a truly immersive experience – from the stunning visuals and perfectly timed lighting to the flawless execution of his songs. Uniting through music under Echostage’s iconic hexagonal ceiling, fans are already looking forward to Dabin’s return in 2024.


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