[RECAP] CRAVITY Ends Their “Masterpiece” Tour with a Bang in Los Angeles

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On Sunday, June 25, CRAVITY finished off their first world tour Masterpiece at the Avalon Hollywood, not far from the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The nine-member group had been in Los Angeles last year for KCON 2022. Los Angeles holds a special place in Allen’s heart as the Taiwanese American idol is from LA himself. Now, with the support of Allen’s family, friends, and LUVITYs, CRAVITY had a spectacular yet special time by delivering powerful dance moves and show-stopping vocals.

Before the show began, Allen’s family greeted LUVITYs with cough drops and candies, packaged carefully by Allen’s mom who was also in attendance. The crowd chanted his name and the other eight members’ names minutes before the first VCR was shown, creating excitement and anticipation. 

Cr. Ericka P.

After the VCR, the members walked out in dark red ensembles, performing their high-energy songs like, “Get Lifted,” “Baddie,” and the crowd favorite, “My Turn.” The background graphics were aggressively red and explosive during the first part of their setlist, followed by motifs of fire, explosions, and falling pieces of debris. The group showed a diverse set of choreography for each song, with “My Turn” specifically integrating impressive floor work that they executed with ease.”

The CRAVITY members soon lined up to do their introductions and explained their first few songs to LUVITYs via a translator. Wonjin was greeted with fanchants after it was revealed he came up with the idea of having a group dance break during “Vedi Vidi Vici,” a decision made specifically for the U.S. tour. At one point, Allen asked if the members had any rizz, which made the audience roar in laughter. 

Cr. Ericka P.

“How am I going to show my rizz in front of my family?” he asked jokingly before the group got into formation for “Bad Habits.” The crowd began to get wild during the trap-heavy “Gas Pedal,” complete with Taeyoung, Allen, and Serim’s quick-witted and rapid-fire rapping at the height of the song. 

The mood suddenly changed after the second VCR and the group came out in colorful neon jerseys and sweaters, invoking an image of high school jocks. The group slowed down with a ballad, “Give Me Your Love” from their third EP, Season 3. Hideout: Be Our Voice and a mid-tempo R&B track “Maybe Baby” where the members threw hearts, waved at the crowd, and yelled out “L.A.!” right before the last chorus. LUVITYs, ignited by the group’s energy, screamed and sang along to the song as well.

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After greeting the audience, Taeyoung challenged everyone to scream for their favorite CRAVITY concept: powerful CRAVITY or bright and youthful CRAVITY. Seongmin noted that the crowd seemed to enjoy the latter more as the rest of the members argued that it wasn’t the case. 

Nonetheless, the group continued their bright and youthful streak by performing the cutesy “Fly” and the extremely catchy “Boogie Woogie with a few members doing a short and fun cover of “Super” by SEVENTEEN. The song was originally featured at the KCON 2022 Rookies’ stage, to which Wonjin cheekily asked, “Was anyone that was there?” and induced a lot of happy cheers. He replied with a “Nice to see you again!” before Allen asked an even more pressing question, “How many of y’all are going to be there this year?” LUVITYs cheered even louder, making the members smile even harder. 

Cr. Ericka P.

CRAVITY soon asked the audience to participate in the lightstick wave that they do for every tour before transitioning to the city pop-fused “Ohh Ahh,” accompanied by pink vaporwave visuals of a car driving into the distance. “Party Rock” was greeted with bursts of colorful paint and flashing lights, followed by big streams of confetti, apt for the upbeat song. 

After a quick outfit change, the group performed a few songs that were more of their powerful side and showed their effortless ease of switching between concepts. “NEW ADDICTION is an EDM synth-pop gem with the continued vaporwave visuals from “Ohh Ahh.”  “JUMPER” was a loud and brassy banger that was created by labelmate and senior MONSTA X’s Joohoney for their first EP, Season 1. Hideout: Remember Who We Are. It was complete with a dance break that stopped LUVITY’s breaths as the silence enveloped the crowd until an uproarious cheer came at the end of the sequence. It also came with a spectacular light show as the lights strobed on to the beat of the music which created more hype for the crowd. 

CRAVITY also performed their latest electro-funk single, “GROOVY” to an ecstatic audience. It was fitting for the last few songs as it was addicting to listen to.  

Cr. Ericka P.

The group eventually made their last ments and thanked the crowd for attending their very first world tour. The members expressed their nervousness about having the tour, but the feeling soon dissipated the moment they went on stage. This showed the power of LUVITYs pushing CRAVITY on to deliver great performances. They expressed a desire to come back after they finish their shows in other countries. They also encouraged LUVITYs to attend the upcoming KCON LA 2023 to support them, which was met with loud cheers and whoops. 

Before Allen delivered his speech, the crowd erupted into screams followed by barking which had been strangely absent during the whole show up until this point. He delivered an emotional speech all in English, thanking his family and friends for coming out to support him. He also thanked the entire staff who made it possible and even the security guards who ensured everyone’s safety during the concert. 

Allen closed with some inspirational words to his fans. He also noted that they were precious, followed by a fan saying, “You’re precious!” He replied knowing well that he was, but asked a genuinely surprising question, “Do you [know]?” He continued on with some final words: 

“You are the master of your destiny! So go out there and live a life that you create. Go on wild adventures. Laugh loud. Smile every day. Because your life in itself is a masterpiece…There’s a saying. A home is not a place. It’s people.” 

As he finished, the crowd cheered on for him and chanted his name. 

Cr. Ericka P.

The concert ended with “A to Z,” an upbeat ballad, and “Light the Way,” a song written by member Woobin from their latest album, Masterpiece. The lights were directed toward the disco ball during the last song and illuminated the whole venue like stars enveloping the night sky. It was a touching moment for all, leading to some LUVITYs tearing up at the emotional lyrics.

The Masterpiece tour continues to show the growth of CRAVITY’s fanbase and popularity as the monster rookies for fourth-generation K-Pop groups. 

The group will return to Los Angeles in August for KCON LA 2023.


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