[RECAP] Bang Yongguk Concludes “‘III’ THE US TOUR” with A Bang in Hollywood

Cr. Ericka P.

After completing 10 shows across the United States, Bang Yongguk met Los Angeles fans for the final show of ‘III’ THE US TOUR 2024 at the Vermont Hollywood on Sunday, April 28. This tour is a follow up to the successful The Colors of Bang Yongguk Tour last summer and is centered around his latest and third EP, 3

Many fans first got to know the deep-voiced rapper Bang Yongguk from his time in the K-Pop boy group B.A.P which debuted in 2012. Since pursuing his solo career, he has been releasing new music and making a concerted effort to connect with international fans.

With the help of his DJ to warm up the crowd, Bang Yongguk entered the stage in head to toe acid-washed denim and kicked off the night with “Off.” Yongguk shouted “LA, lemme me hear you fucking scream!” and went into the powerful, energetic “Xie Xie.”

Cr. Ericka P.

Despite his dominant stage presence, Yongguk humbly introduced himself and politely bowed to the audience. He quickly went back to his performing persona for “Ride or Die,” “IXLU,” “RACE,” and NUMB where he had fans jumping up and down alongside him in excitement. Fans did not let a single moment go to waste as they used any silence between songs to bark affectionately and cheer for Yongguk as he drank water.

The next section of the night was all about throwbacks. Yongguk introduced the next stage as his debut solo song “I Remember” where fans excitedly waved their Matoki lightsticks, the official B.A.P lightstick in the shape of a bunny, and sang along to the chorus. He then treated fans to tracks from his first solo album, BANGYONGGUK which included “Journey,” “Hikikimori,” and “AM 4:44.”

Cr. Ericka P.

Yongguk shyly asked fans if they listened to his latest album and was met with loud cheers and fans proudly waving their newly bought albums in the air for him to see. He thanked fans for listening to all his new songs and explained that this album is filled with things he’s wanted to say but hasn’t said before. Hilariously, when he prefaced giving advice to fans with “I’m not your teacher but…” fans went wild at the thought of him as their teacher. Confused but amused, Yongguk held back his laugh with a “whoa, relax” before proceeding with his advice. He encouraged fans to take on challenges they have not done yet because you only live once. He also reassured fans that there are more new songs coming their way and to not forget to get his new album and merchandise.

Resuming the performances with his favorite question — “Are you ready to get crazy again?” —he led fans into the fun and sexy “Up” where he finally unzipped his denim jacket, revealing his abs underneath. Yongguk drove fans crazy with suggestive dance moves and splashed plenty of water onto the audience during performances of “UFO,” “YAMAZAKI,” “BUSS IT DOWN,” and “MOVIMIENTO.” Fans that did not get splashed requested to be included and Yongguk happily obliged. For the “last” songs of the night, he performed the fan favorite tracks “BAD (feat. YOUHA)” and “Green” where the whole venue lit up with phone flashlights.

Cr. Ericka P.

Fans did not want the night to end yet and quickly began chanting “Bang Yongguk!” and “Encore!” Yongguk then reemerged on stage sporting his tour merchandise t-shirt and beanie for the party anthem “Rain On Me.” He performed “MOVIMENTO” again where he poured water on both the audience and himself. Fans cheekily threw various undergarments onto the stage and Yongguk gathered up all of them and held them out for everyone to see. After an encore performance of “BUSS IT DOWN,” he performed his final song of the night “Orange Drive” with lots of fan service as he pointed directly to fans for the lyrics “I love you.” Even after the song ended and he said his final goodbyes, he lingered on stage to sign fans’ albums and touch fans’ hands.

Bang Yongguk and his fans were beyond delighted to be reunited and share a memorable night together after a year apart. It definitely won’t be long before Yongguk returns with new music and sides of himself to share with U.S. fans!


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