[RECAP] Bang Yongguk Colors Denver with Love

Cr. Dakota S.

Even amongst all the excitement surrounding the NBA Finals, Denver, CO was yet again exhilarated on June 13 as the charismatic Bang Yongguk took the stage at the packed Marquis Theater for his eighth stop on his Colors of Bang Yong Guk US Tour. After releasing his newest EP The Colors of Love, he delivered an experience that will linger in the hearts of fans for years to come. With a mix of powerful performances, heartfelt moments, and a captivating stage presence, Bang Yongguk cemented his status as a musical sensation.

The crowd erupted into cheers as the anticipation for Bang Yongguk’s appearance reached its peak. Fans cheered and waved B.A.P lightsticks as he walked out on the stage. The atmosphere was electric with fans singing along to songs like “Rain On Me and “UFO,” showcasing their unwavering devotion to the talented artist.

Throughout the concert, Bang Yongguk displayed his incredible talent as an artist. He seamlessly transitioned between hard-hitting rap verses like in his song “I Remember,” and soulful melodies such as “Green,” leaving the audience in awe of his musical talent.

In addition to his energetic performances, Bang Yongguk also took the time to connect intimately with his fans. Between sets, he shared personal anecdotes and expressed his gratitude for their unwavering support. These heartfelt interactions created an intimate atmosphere with a strong bond between the artist and the audience. 

“I want to make special memories tonight. Because of you, I am able to come back on the stage and perform. You brought me back to this world.” 

Fans could feel his sincerity, making the concert experience even more meaningful. Bang Yongguk then dedicated his next performance to his fans and performed “Hikikomori” from his self-titled album BANGYONGGUK.

Cr. Dakota S.

In between sets, he took time to address the Denver Nuggets’ ceremonious win at the NBA Finals the night prior. He, being an avid basketball fan, watched the home game and found the experience to be very meaningful. So much so that he went out first thing in the morning to purchase a championship shirt for himself. He then brought out said shirt onto the stage and the crowd cheered. 

“Just like last night, we’re going to have a great night tonight.” 

As the concert reached its climax, Bang Yongguk shushed the crowd and said, “I really hope all of you love yourself as much as you love me. I love you guys, so you must love yourself.” He announced the next song will be the last song of the night and went on to perform his 2019 single “Orange Drive which he again dedicated to his fans as well as his grandfather in heaven. 

As Bang Yongguk exited the stage, the fans chanted for an encore. He reappeared with much applause from the crowd and he serenaded them with two encore performances of fan favorites “Xie Xie” and “See You Later.” He gave high fives to fans as he walked off stage and told the crowd to get home safe.

Bang Yongguk’s stop in Denver was an intoxicating celebration of music, passion, and connection. With his incredible talent, contagious energy, and genuine appreciation for his fans, he delivered a performance that exceeded all expectations. Denver was left buzzing with excitement, eagerly awaiting the next opportunity to experience the musical brilliance of Bang Yongguk once again.


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