[RECAP] ATEEZ Starts Voyage in LA on Sold-Out ‘Expedition’ World Tour

In the first stop of their sold-out The Expedition Tour in LA’s The Globe Theatre, ATEEZ took a musical voyage with ATINYs, their fandom named after a combination of the words “ATEEZ” and “Destinys.” On March 15, ATINYs gathered, waving their ATEEZ light sticks, eagerly anticipating Hongjoong, Seonghwa, Yunho, Yeosang, San, Mingi, Wooyoung, and Jongho. On the video screen, a drone shot of the eight-member ATEEZ holding their massive flag began the black and white VCR, which acknowledged that everyone on this planet is here to find their “treasure.” As close-up shots of each member flashed across the huge screens, the members write to ask the audience to accompany them in finding their treasure.

The quest started with their debut song, “Pirate King,” in which ATEEZ donned their pirate-style clothing and strong beat, causing fans to cheer with enthusiasm. The red lights that flashed during “Pirate King” changed to blue for their slower, more sensual song, “Desire,” from their latest mini-album, TREASURE EP. 2 ZERO TO ONE. Afterwards, leader and English-savvy, Hongjoong, began the introductions and statements of excitement to finally be meeting their international fans. Their next songs, “Light” and “Stay,” have lyrics that explore their relationship with ATINYs and how they make the group thrive. Via translator, the group’s next ment entertained fans by telling them of members’ favorite activities and places in LA. ATINYs truly became excited when they performed a special stage consisting of the covers they performed as their former name, KQ FELLAZ. As KQ FELLAZ, they visited LA for training and covered popular American rap & hip-hop songs including Famous Dex’s “Pick It Up” ft. A$AP Rocky. The choreographer of the explosive dance break, King Mosi, was also in attendance at the show.

ATEEZ answered questions and requests submitted by fans before the show, and read out the name of one lucky fan whose question would be answered and who also would receive a special present in the back of the venue. The members answered various questions like “If you could tattoo any ATEEZ lyric on your body, what would it be and where?” to which Seonghwa said he would tattoo lyrics to their song “Promise” inside his forearm. Other questions, like which US artist they’d want to meet (Hongjoong said Camila Cabello), which Hogwarts House they would be in, and whether Wooyoung preferred a sexy or cute concept next (he chose the former). Fans continued to request covers of songs such as MAMAMOO Hwasa’s “Twit,” Cardi B’s “Money,” and Sunmi’s “Siren.” They also tested out how high and low each member could sing with the Cleopatra game and by mimicking the deep “Say My Name” in their first comeback single. Each member gave stellar individual fan attention including winks, flirting, teasing those close up to the stage, and taking the fan banners made by ATINYs.

At one point in the show, the boys asked the fans in the packed venue to take a few steps back, conscious of the safety and comfort of their fans. As the boys shuffled offstage, the he translator informed the crowd that they were not going to continue until people stopped pushing. A seven-minute pause followed in order for those about to faint or overheated to be pulled out of the crowd or given water. When the boys returned, they concluded their Pirate portion with the song “Twilight” and “My Way.” The last VCR of the night consisted of shots of ATEEZ rehearsing leading up to the US leg of the world tour as well as a vlog filmed by Hongjoong asking each of the members their opinions on touring and meeting their international ATINYs for the first time.

Dressed into their latest comeback’s dark, bandit-style clothing, ATEEZ started with their B-side single, “HALA HALA,” a performance that inspired unmatched energy, especially during the “lit” breakdown. They quickly segued into the comeback’s title track “Say My Name,” which received frenzied reactions, especially during the slow-motion shopping cart stroll. ATEEZ went live on VLive as the crowd shouted their names repeatedly, and unsurprisingly, they came back on to perform their pre-debut song, “From,” that they had written in LA last year. The concert ended fittingly with their song “Treasure” and a surprise happy birthday celebration for the proclaimed dance king, Yunho, who turns 20 on March 23.

It felt like fate for ATEEZ to meet their international ATINYs. The popularity the group has gained over five months is astronomical, and it is largely in part due to their fans around the globe. As for the rookies taking their first expedition around the world, with the European leg following the US’ completion, one can only hope that they return again to share their newest treasures.


Written by: Emily H.

Photographed by: Ericka P.

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